Why 2017 Is Ideal Time To Start Your Dream Business

In January 2016 alone, Nigerians woke up to these screaming headlines…
* Bauchi State terminates appointment of 16 management staff of the state fire service
* Governor Rochas Okorocha sacks over 3,000 civil servants in Imo, 19 parastatals affected
* Zenith Bank relieves over 1,200 employees of their job
* First City Monumental Bank (FCMB) offloads over 700 workers
* Konga, an e-commerce hub, relieves 10 per cent of its work force (80 staff)
Are you still kidding yourself that your job is secured?
Whether you are a civil servant, banker or importer of goods, you sure have cause to fret and worried. With the value of the naira perennially struggling against the tide of the dollar and the slump of oil price on the international scene, leaving your chances of survival to the government alone is a big RISK!
If you ever dream of one day showcasing your given talents, going into craftsmanship or starting a business in Nigeria, now is the right time. The present state of things in the country today, going by the above-mentioned screaming headlines does not guarantee anybody a steady flow of income from one means, especially if you are a salaried worker. Guess you have school fees to pay, accommodation rent beckoning, daily feeding allowance for the family, stipends to aging parents and other dependants to grapple with.
What is more?
If you survive the sack scare, chances are you could still be owed backlog of salaries. I am not trying to be pessimistic but to prepare you ahead as the country is currently experiencing what could at best be perceived as a partial economic recession. I once had the privilege of asking a friend, “Ben, what will you do if your boss fires you today?” He turned around sharply and looked at me. “If my boss fires me?” he repeated the question absent-mindedly. Obviously, he was stunned. Three days later, his call rudely woke me up at about 4.00am.
Ben confessed that he has indeed taken things for granted so much that it never crossed his mind for once that he could be sent packing from his job any time. Today, Ben has chain of businesses (some of which are explained in series 1 & 2 of my books) across Lagos. What about you, friend? Have you thought about the possibility of being your own boss some day or running a part time business?
If the answer is YES, you need to get to work immediately. Now that the government has put a restriction of forex and importation, attention has switched to domestic businesses. Both the federal and state governments have started encouraging small and medium scale businesses to pull their weights as well as encourage banks / microfinance to reduce lending rates for entrepreneurs. As I reiterated earlier, if you have waited the last few years for the right time to invest, 2017 hosts the momentum.  The time to start any home grown business is NOW!
Let me use the opportunity to chirp in this. Some years ago, I have the privilege of writing some entrepreneur-friendly books (Money Spinning businesses to with N3000,000 & Above; What To Do When You Lose Your Job and, of course, my number one bestseller – Businesses To Start With Less Than N50,000
series 1 & 2)! I believe they can come in handy for entrepreneurs as they brainstorm for the right course of action to take. The literature received rave review in the Nigerian media (THISDAY, Sun Newspaper & some online blogs to be specific).
They are products of a two-year well researched work which explain in details myriad of small businesses (over 200+) suitable for Nigerian clime, how to go about establishing them as well as how much capital you might need to get started.
As I explained in the books, you need not quit your job. Try starting small and steady until you have fully convinced yourself that you can do it full time. You don’t have to wait to be told to leave before you start planning your future.
After all, Rome was not built in a day!
Just like millions of other Nigerians, I believe this country will be great again.
God bless Nigeria!!!
For those interested in getting the books, please click the link below:
    Money Spinning Businesses To Invest With
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         Businesses To Start With Less Than
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