The Thriving Business of Commercial Tricycle (Keke NAPEP)

Regardless of the economic recession Nigeria is presently facing, commercial tricycle popularly called Keke Marwa or Keke NAPEP is fast becoming a big business in Nigeria.
It is not unusual to see it in places like Abuja, Kano and other metropolitan cities in Nigeria apart from Lagos which
blazed the trail during the regime of Military Administrator, Col. Buba Marwa (1996 – 1999). In fact, the commercial tricycle which was launched as part of the Poverty Alleviation Programme was named after him.
However unlike in the past where anything goes, Keke NAPEP has been confined to local routes to cater for the teeming population in such areas.
To make a kill of this business…
You will require a minimum of N400,000 to procure one ‘Cha-Cha’ directly from the company or around N460,000 from a distributor; budget another 40,000 to cover registration and insurance; another N5,000 to cover registration with your Local Government and Tricycle Union in the area you hope to operate.
In all, you would have spent N450,000. Interestingly, each of the tricycle operators is expected to deliver between N2,500 to as high as N5,000 a day, depending on location. For instance, those located in Lagos Mainland, Alagomeji, Lagos Island, Ajah and Victoria Island often deliver up to N5,000 a day, 5 days a week. Do the maths yourself and see what it is bound to fetch you in a year or less.
However if you have huge capital base, you can procure about six and create a route anywhere (even on the outskirts of town) for your fleet. It is a win-win situation so far you don’t violate the law or flout union rule.
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