Popcorn is a household snack made by roasting moistened yellow corn at certain temperature to form a pop. Popcorn making as a business has undergone some changes over the years.
Some people add colourants to make it look colourful and attractive, while some even add sugar to make it tastier. Popcorn is the easiest snack to make at home, and it can be consumed by both children and adults.
Same for groundnut which comes in variants – boiled or roasted.
For instance, popcorn and groundnuts sold in places like Sweet SensationMr Biggs or Tantalizers will be more expensive because of its packaging and the environment in which it is sold. So if you want to make good profit, make your packaging stand out with creative label and contacts. Among other things, you should also consider supplying your products to other target audience like traffic hawkers, students, super markets, restaurants/eateries, churches/mosques, offices etc.
There is indeed a huge market out there waiting for you.
However, I wouldn’t advise you to go around the streets hawking popcorn and groundnut. There are better ways to do that. As earlier said, you can decide to supply schools and supermarkets in your vicinity or remote areas and still make money.
·    * Popcorn making machine which costs around N25,000 – N30,000 (but the locally-made ones are quite cheaper)
·      * Sugar and colourant (optional)
·        * One or half bag of yellow maize
·        * Packaging materials like nylon bags
·        * Sealing machine (could be leased for a start)
·       * An open space in places like bus stops, schools, event centres and commercial areas that have government parastatals)
·        * Business name and contact number.
·        * Office not needed but you need to promote it on social media, Whatsapp and Church bulletins
Required Capital:
About N50,000 and above should do
Culled from “BUSINESSSES
Available in local bookshops. For e-book,
call 07039091674
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