God’s Wrath Coming On Pastors Who Force Wives On Church – Ogunorunyinka


Pastor Seyi Ogunorunyinka, general overseer of the Promised Land Restoration Ministry, has lashed out at Ministers of God who tend to force their spouses on the Church as assistant pastors.

Addressing his congregation during a sermon on the topic, “Abundance of Rain” last Sunday, the trendy preacher noted that in the absence of God’s presence, some servants of God are known to resort to use of voodoo and evil powers.

“To cover up their tracks, they have no option other than to make their wives either second-in-command or assistant pastors because they know their husbands’ secrets. They are those popularly referred to as Pastor Mrs,” he remarked.

In reference to the Book of 1 Kings 17 & 18, Ogunorunyinka said such wicked case is not different from that of King Ahab and Jezebel, adding that such pastors are the ones giving true Men of God bad names.

He recalled instances where some ministers allegedly engaged comedians to partake in stage-managed miracles by acting blind, deaf, dumb or dead in return for money.

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“There was one particular video clip I watched recently on WhatsApp where the preacher engaged a guy to pretend as a dead man brought in a coffin to the revival ground for miracle. Unfortunately, the man died from suffocation before the proposed sham miracle began.

“These are perilous times. We have too many dubious preachers on the rampage. Until now, Nigeria used to have foreign missionaries coming into the country to minister at crusades and revivals. Today, the case is different. They have stopped coming because of dubious practice among the organisers who are, of course, pastors,” he declared.

While warning ministers of the Gospel to have a rethink and shun the habitual attempt to scam innocent people of God, Ogunorunyinka called on Nigerians not to give up praying for them.

“As ministers, we must learn the act of telling the truth and offering selfless service to the people. Also, part of our prayers should be for God to raise us pastors that will stand for truth. Not the ones that will foster their wives as authority over his people. They are all over the place. Once they anoint themselves as pastors, their wives must become Pastor Mrs. They want to be seen on Church banners, bulletins, posters and souvenirs.

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The oppression is too much. But just like that popular Christian hymn by Daniel Whittle, THERE SHALL BE SHOWERS OF BLESSING; THIS IS THE PROMISE OF LOVE for those who truly wait on God,” he charged.


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