FRANK EDWARD: Inspirational Story of Enugu Street Boy Who Rose To Become Nigeria’s Best Gospel Artiste

The cover of the duo’s Extended Play Album
If there is any Nigerian gospel artiste whose songs I find soothing and reassuring after those of American Don Moen, it has to be Frank Edward. It was a sheer delight watching him performed during Emzor Pharmaceuticals’ annual thanksgiving held at the popular City Hall in Lagos Island in 2015. His mastery of the guitar and silky voice combine well to give room for both meditation and a sort of connection with the heavenlies. Aside  having a collection of his inspirational songs, that was the very first time I saw him play live at any event.
Nicknamed “Rich Boy,” Frank Ugochukwu Edwards was born on July 22, 1990 into a family of seven in Enugu state. He learned to play the piano from his father and began singing at the age of ten. In what appeared to many as unusual, young Edward became a born-again Christian quite early in his teenage years.
A staunch member and keyboardist in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome-led Christ
Embassy Church
and LoveWorld Music Ministry, the contemporary gospel
singer, songwriter and recording artist is presently the founder and owner of Rocktown Records, which is home to enterprising young recording artists such as Gil, Divine, King BAS, Nkay, and David among others.
But just how did Frank Edward manage to get to this stage?
Young Frank when he started out as pianist
The artiste personally relieved his rise from a street boy to stardom to participants at the inauguration of the Calvary Bible Church in Lekki recently. It was so inspiring!
Hear him!
“Ten years ago, I was
hawking on the streets of Enugu for my mother. We were so poor that we could
hardly afford to eat. But, my mother always took me to church. She always told
me to serve GOD, and that is how I
have lived my life. Even when it was difficult to eat, I have always lived a
life of worship. That is me. That is my life!
When I started singing,
and my songs were being played everywhere, I had all kinds of offers. At a
point in my life, I was in South Africa for a programme, and some promoters
came to me and said, ‘Frank, your songs are so good, and we would like to
promote you, take you all over the world. However, you mention the name JESUS too much in your songs. But if
you can try and replace JESUS with GOD, we can do business together’.
 Brethren, that offer was very tempting. You
would think, ‘What is the big deal about replacing JESUS with GOD?’ So, I
called my mother, and told her about the offer. She said, ‘Don’t mind them O!
Don’t do it! Holy Ghost Fire will burn all of them.’ So, I told them NO!
Today, GOD has taken my
music all over! It is a beautiful thing to see white people, Americans, singing
my song, Igbo songs that they don’t
even know the meaning! GOD did it.
Frank and his mum on a rare date
Sometime ago, we were concluding a programme, and I was looking for a camera man to snap my picture with a renowned praise and worship leader Don
. Eventually I got someone to take it. As I posed with Don, he looked
at me and said, ‘Oh, Frank Edwards! It is you! I need to take this picture with
you!’ And he took his phone and showed me, ‘See, I have all your songs on my
We took the snapshot.

After then, he said, ‘Frank, I saw online that you have a studio in your home.
I would like us to do collaboration together. I’m gonna come to your house for
the first recording, and you will come over to mine in U.S. for the finishing.’
At that time, I thought to myself, ‘Me, the same street boy in Enugu, to do collaboration with a Gospel legend like Don Moen? Only GOD could have made it happen. Live for GOD. Praise Him and thank Him even when things are not as you would have loved them to be. Do this, and the change will come! Live a life of worship”
That was the testimony of Frank Edward at the Church that day.
Awesome, isn’t it?
That is not all!
Needless to say the proposed one of a kind album duet between Moen and
Edward has been wrapped up to produce a five-track extended play recently in
the United States. One of such hit track is “Ka Anyi Bulie” (Let Us Lift Him).
It would be recalled that Edward’s debut album, a 14-track
album, ‘The Definition was released in 2008. This was followed
shortly by ‘Angels on the Runway’ his second album in 2010. ‘Unlimited’ album arrived a year after that and Tagjam was released in November 2011.
L-R: Frank Edward posing with Joe Egbu, hubby of fellow gospel artiste, Sinach and Sinach herself during Emzor’s 2015 annual thanksgiving
The former Enugu Street boy has been described as Nigeria’s hottest Gospel Rock artiste of
the moment. His rising profile also came to the fore when he appeared on the
live performance of Sinach’s classic “I know who I am” video in
In May 2011, Rich Boy was nominated as the GOSPEL ARTISTE OF THE YEAR at the 6th Annual Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA). He won the award of the BEST
in the first annual awards and also won West Africa Best Male Vocalist in 2012, Best Hit Single at the love world awards 2012 as well as three awards at the Nigeria Gospel Music Awards (Male Artiste of
The Year, Song of The Year and Best Male Vocal)
His last album before the collaboration with Don Moen, “Frankincense,” caught everyone unaware when it topped Beyonce and Adele’s albums within few hours of
release on itunes album chart.
Wherever you find yourself, whatever the challenge, Don’t Ever Give Up on GOD! Just keep reminding yourself that he is quietly preparing you a place of comfort. He is not through with you yet. Keep the hope alive!
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  1. I love Frank. His life is a testimony and prove that GOD is good and Christ Jesus His is son. I believe I will meet him one day. Much Love Legend "I'm Rickylove

  2. I love Frank Edward’s music. His songs are very inspiring. He sings from his heart and that is why his songs are so touching and make a lot of meaning.

  3. Hv learnt a lot frm ur story, it truly pays to be a friend of Jesus, I thnk God for ur life; serving God is not in vain. Oh God help me to always put my trust in u even in my darkest hour nv allow me to run away frm u.

    • Glad to hear that.

      Hey, I have an idea. Why not attend one of those concerts that features him and meet him after his performance?

      I am sure he will like that too…

  4. Comment: i don’t really know what to say but i know i always trip at d name Frank Edwards when it comes to music … And i always wish to get to his level… When i eventually heard that my both mentors (frank & don moen) are collaborating … Omg… I couldnt contain d joy….. Sir i pray God strengthen u always ..amen …

  5. WOW, I Really bless God for the life of Frank Edwards, you are my role model, i pray God for the same grace that flows over you to flow on every good singer of God and to me too. your story has really inspired me, your songs God, they are the reason i am alive and moving on today. May God bless you for me

  6. Comment:yes!i am an up coming looking up to frank as a mentor,i know somedays things will be alritght.ur songs inspired much.


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