Factors To Consider Before Starting A Sports Newspaper In Nigeria

“I am a young entrepreneur who is looking to carve a niche in production of regular Sports Newspaper in Nigeria. I have done my own little research and realise there is a huge market out there. But sincerely, I don’t know how or where to start. 

Please help me” – Emeka Edward

Dear Emeka,
It is interesting to note the increasing number of sports (or specifically football-related) papers donning every news stand in the country today. To say Nigerians are die-hard soccer lovers will amount to an understatement.
About nine years ago, the situation was not the same. In the past, we used to have the likes of Complete Sports, City Sports (a City Pulse publication) , Sporting Life and Soccer Star. Sadly, only Complete Sports was able to weather the storm successfully. Many attributed the sudden demise of some of the sports paper to mismanagement.
On the other hand, it is also understandable that the high cost of printing materials has probably forced the rest out of the competition. More so, the absence of serious competitors gave Complete Sports the monopoly the country has never experienced before.
However the influx of the new school such as Arsenal Focus, Chelsea Plus, True Blues, Madrid Focus and other niche soccer papers has changed the game. Many critics expected them to fizzle out quickly just like earlier sports publications before them.
Alas! It was obvious that the innovations and business acumen of these creative young publishers have come to stay. The interesting thing about it is that unlike the average newspaper, sports paper publishing is a big industry and quite profitable.
The usual question many crave to ask thus is: How did these young dudes do it?
They studied the market as you did, add up the numbers, did the necessary paper works and took their chances by launching out.
Whether you plan to go into entertainment or sports journalism, every intending publisher must possess virtually all the following:

     1.   Passion for writing
2. Contacts of celebrities or relevant personalities
3. Registration for ISSN
4. Logistics on daily, weekly or monthly basis

     5. Registration with each region’s Newspapers Vendors Association
6. Needed capital
7. Computer / Laptop
8. High-speed Internet
9. Digital camera
10. Cell phone
11. Reliable car or means of transportation
12. News Sources
13. Advert Canvassing
14. Strict Deadline Observation

     15. Decide on page plan package to use
16. Paper specification (10 x 14.5, Bond or newsprint)
17. Advantage of web press / Kord machine
18. Circulation / Distribution of newspapers nationwide
19. Appraisal & monitoring of paper progress
20. Preparation for new edition

Culled from “How To Publish NEWSPAPER/ MAGAZINE / TABLOID On A Small Budget” by Adebayo Folorunsho-Francis 

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