DID SHE GOOF? Queen Elizabeth II Claims Malaria Deadlier Than Ebola


In what might appears shocking to many Africans, Queen of England, Elizabeth II recently warned that focusing too much attention on the Ebola outbreak could lead to an upsurge in other deadly diseases such as malaria.

At an event alongside world leaders in the science of infectious diseases some days ago, the monarch said she worried that Ebola, which has claimed 5,000 lives already, risked overshadowing the risk
from other deadlier diseases like malaria, which kills the same number every week.
Speaking to one of the world’s top epidemiologists, Professor David Heymann, she told him she worried that those with feverish symptoms which could be malaria are being turned away from hospitals because they were too busy dealing with Ebola patients.
Professor Heymann said he was impressed at her level of knowledge on the subject and described her as ‘very perceptive.’
He said: ‘She felt very strongly about it.
‘She was very interested in Ebola because she said her doctor told her that there are more people dying from malaria every week than are dying from Ebola
Culled from http://www.dailymail.co.uk
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