Can A Woman Have A Normal Birth After Undergoing Caesarean Section (CS)? Nigerians React…

Dear friends,

After giving birth a second time via CAESAREAN SECTION (CS), a lady wants to know if she can still give birth normally without having to undergo another CS. Is it possible?

Aderogba Oladeji
That is possible,but if she has a smaller pelvic then normal delivery is a dream.

Anita Ogbeide 
It is possible depending on weight of baby & number of years in between the previous CS & finally the reasons for the previous CS.  If the number of year is between is 7 years – 10 years, such trial is a big risk.

Adesiji Adedayo
I have seen one

Obe Tolulope Olufemi 
Medically I cannot say but spiritually it is very possible because with God all things are possible sir.

Joshua Toyin
It is possible with Almighty God. A woman testify to the power of God that after having CS two times, she delivered the third one by her self to the glory of God

Chiedozie Solomon 
Please leave God out of it. It kills a friend who decided to go to church, if it is medically possible, fine and if not please use CS because God allow the CS in the first place.

Ronke Bola Akinsanya-opanuga
Yes, it is possible but sometimes risky,, depending on individual cases/reason y d C section was done,,, it called VBAC…vaginal birth after c- section…on the other hand,some doctors will not even give the mother a chance for vaginal birth because of her past history, while some are willing to work with the mother till C-section becomes inevitable…

Apostle-Of-The-Way Adeolu
If the reasons for the two previous CS is not related to the problem of inadequate pelvis, then it is possible to give birth through the vagina.

Akindele Xty 
It is very possible. I have seen two cases. On a second thought depending on the reason they did the first and second CS. There is nothing impossible with God

Omolara Ogunnaike-Taiwo 
Yeees, very possible . A friend of mine had her 1st 3 kids through CS and had her last one (4th) thru a normal delivery. Things have really changed, technology improved, Doctors well trained and experienced etc. So, there’s no big deal about CS nowadays, may God continue to help us.

J Goodman Eke
My mum had me through CS as her first child.After which she had another 7 children through normal means.Maybe i was just a stubborn child…#Lol.

Omotayo Kayode
Yes it is possible. My friend, Omowumi has 3 CS and the 4th one she delivered by herself in a normal

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