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Why You Should Consider BRT Bus Seats & Hand Holders Advertisement

One of our clients' product on display

The relevance of having a viable BRT seats branding & passengers’ hand holders advertisement is fast gaining prominence among Lagosians today. They are a great way to get messages across to a mostly captivating audience in record time. Whether the motive is to create awareness for new or existing products and services, religious events, admission into academic institutions, new blockbuster movies or pharmaceuticals, branding passengers’ seats and hand holders can run for months alongside the exterior branding of the bus.

It is a known fact that ads beautifully displayed behind every seat and hand holders usually have an impressive effect on passengers who spend an average of 30-40 minutes on the bus. More so, this is the exact time their minds are not pre-occupied with anything hence they tend to pay more attention to their surroundings. If at this time they come across an advertisement in the interior of the bus, certainly they are bound to pay rapt attention. And once that happens, it is ‘bulls eye!’ You have just hit the jackpot.  Your ad is just there for them to read the whole time. Just imagine what would be playing in their mind moments after studying your ads.

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If well positioned in either Primero (Blue Buses) or LAGBUS (Red Buses), it offers affordable solution for companies to reinforce their brand awareness. Interestingly, such ads can also be used to run targeted promotional pushes for a specific event or product. With the average journey of commuters spanning about six to fifteen bus terminals, it will definitely capture the audience’s attention.

From Ikorodu, Oshodi, Ikotun, CMS, Lekki, Ikotun, Iyan Ipaja to Toll Gate, BRT buses are known to cover large distances. They travel through cities and outlying suburban areas, to shopping malls, universities, business districts, amusement centers, supermarkets, theaters and convention sites. This means wider area coverage at affordable costs.


What customized hand holders look like in BRT Buses

What should be branded on BRT Passengers’ Seats & Hand Holders?

From brand awareness to recruitment drives, seats and hand holders branding can avail you an opportunity to directly address your potential consumers. As earlier mentioned, others include:


New / existing products

Religious events

School admission

New blockbuster movies and several other exciting activities.

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What classes of people travels in BRT Buses?

In BRT Brands marketing, we have identified different categories of passengers which has aptly been classified into A, B, C, D & E demographic. Today’s media agencies frequently use these classes of audience as a measure of affluence and lifestyles. The A & B classes frequent highbrow areas such as Ikoyi, Lekki, Victoria Island among others. This set of people cuts across decision makers and influencers in their own rights who sometimes ditch their wheels to board these carriages to avoid traffic or beat a deadline.

The next set of category – C belongs to the working class. Overly vibrant, bubbly and sweaty in some cases, they are seen everywhere. Whether in ties and jacket or in T-Shirt and pair of jeans, they play a key role in the marketing chain.

Classes D & E are mostly made up of traders, young entrepreneurs just starting up and students. They also contribute massively to the success or otherwise of a product campaign, especially when it is household goods. You don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of the masses, do you?

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Why advertise with us?

  • Our rates are moderate and negotiable


  • Every campaign, whether interior or exterior, is discount driven to suit your marketing budget.


  • At FOLFRAD MEDIA, we take corrective outdoor campaign action at the right time to ensure you get deserved value from your advertising campaign.


  • We offer free counselling on how best to maximize your campaign in the absence of a robust advertising budget.


  • We ensure that client pays only for the exact period of campaign without additional hidden charges.


  • We have over 400 fleet of buses available for branding at any time.



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