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The Good Side of Lagos “Agbero”

The Good Side of

I am likely to get bashed and trolled for choosing a headline that many may find despicable for this narrative.

But hey, I beseech you to at least hear me out…

About 20 years ago, I was stranded at Maryland bus stop after losing my wallet to pick-pocket.

Not knowing what to do, I walked aimlessly towards one of the touts at the terminal and tried to explain my plight. But every time I narrated my story midway, he chased after a fleeing commercial bus and I had to start all over again.

Frustrated, I was about to retreat when he hollered, “Oga, I heard you. Ki le fe gan?” (What exactly do you want?).

“Just put me in a bus to Costain,” I muttered coyly.

Sharp guy!

He flagged down one of the buses, held me by the hand and placed me at the front seat beside the driver screaming “Wa! Omo Iya mi ni o… Bami drop re si Costain. S’ogbo? (Come, he is my brother o. Help me drop him at Costain).

As he jogged after another fleeing bus, I realised he had just sacrificed his levy on that bus for my comfort and I felt ashamed.

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A week later, I went in search of him thinking he would recognize me instantly. Nay! I had to reintroduce myself after he repeatedly denied meeting me.

Alas! He remembered and shook hands with me. He confessed that he actually did it for God because so many people he help don’t bother coming back to show appreciation.

I offered him some money and he vehemently turned it down yelling repeatedly “Oooh! Egbon, a ni ke ma worry se…” (Oh! Bros, I told you not to worry yourself).

His level of generosity shocked me to my bone marrow.

To date, I still doff my hat for hustlers out there with human kindness.


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