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Simple Ways To Make Money In Nigeria As A Website Designer

Simple Ways To Make Money In Nigeria As Website Designer

Unlike years ago, many entrepreneurs and companies are beginning to understand the relevance of an active website. In fact, there is a general assumption in today’s business society that any business that does not have its presence online should not be taken serious.

This is because the era of brick and mortar is gradually going into extinction. Quite often, these businesses don’t have a large budget for such things.

Even our dear newspaper publishing houses are beginning to feel the pressure following the rapid decline in sale. It is not uncommon to see a heap of unsold copies lying fallow in many media houses today hence the need to complement printing with active followership on the internet.

As a website engineer, this is where your relevance is felt. There is a lot of markets yet untapped out there for you – from big companies on Marina, small businesses in Alaba to personal websites to launder or promote the image of politicians. There are many local traders especially in Apongbon, Alaba International market, computer village and Lagos Island who are eagerly in need of website. Try mopping them up for a fee.

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I remember spending N20,000 to build mine two years ago. In reality, these guys spend less than N5,000 for hosting and domain name. The rest is their profit. If you are not conversant with building a website, you can learn it for as low as N5,000 from experts in the field.

Creativity, experience (sign up with an expert if you don’t have one), portfolios of websites you have done for reference, personal website(s) for people to reach you online, promote your web design business via sms, social media such as facebook & twitter accounts, business cards and direct contact of potential clients. No office is needed as you will be running a virtual office.

You need none as every client pays upfront.

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Culled from “Businesses To Start With Less than N50,000”. To request a copy of the book, call 07039091674


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