Home Business How Undergraduates, Teachers Can Make Money From ‘Maths & English’ Classes

How Undergraduates, Teachers Can Make Money From ‘Maths & English’ Classes

How Undergraduates, Teachers Can Make Money From Running ‘Maths & English' Clinic


There is a set of people who are adept today in one or two academic subjects such as Mathematics and English, yet still find it hard profiting from such talent.

How could this be achieved?

First, you could employ the use of a spacious and empty classroom. Next, running an academic clinic (or class) of this magnitude is preferable at weekends or evenings of some certain days.

However it is advisable that you concentrate on a niche with special focus on students planning to sit for NECO, WAEC, GCE and JAMB classes. One notable thing about this class of young scholars is that many of them have deficiency in one or both subjects.

Once you make up your mind on your target audience, pay a visit to several schools in your neighbourhood or community seeking permission from the principals or school authorities to address interested students.

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Before embarking on such journey, ensure you print handbills to be shared, posters to be pasted round the school walls and nearby academic coaching centres.

If you can afford it, mobilise people for a road show and share the informative handbills telling the public what you are offering.

I remember how I was swayed when the brilliant idea of Maths & English Clinic was sold to us in school by some young and vibrant tutors way back in 1991. It was a period I was struggling with English Language even as an SS1 student. Basically I had challenge differentiating between This/These, Is/Was, adverb/adjective etc. That was also partly because many of my school teachers were too strict and unapproachable.

But these Maths & English guys (a blend of young graduates and undergraduates from UNILAG as I later discovered) made things simpler. They even encouraged us to approach them after the class if we have other academic problems (Maths/English) outside the ones they taught.

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Even when they had problem with the school principal in Alagomeji and had to relocate to Ojuelegba in Lagos, we (potential Jambites) were willing to go with them all the way.

That was how I regained my groove.

Back to the issue at hand, it is advisable to charge as little as N200 to N1,000 per class for a start. This also depends on the spending power of people in your locality.



Having an expertise in either one or both subjects is a must. On the other hand, you could arrange for an expert to teach both subjects while you run the show.

Secondly, arrange for a spacious classroom (or convert your compound for use if you are denied permission to access such facility).

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Lastly, you need a mobile phone, business cards, printed posters and handbills as earlier mentioned.

One last thing you need outside all these things I mentioned is GOOD LUCK!!!


Culled from “Businesses To Start With Less Than N50,000”


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