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How Young Africans Can Profit From Ebooks Publishing


Over the years, a huge number of young Africans especially Nigerians have developed a passion for writing. From business ideas, how-tos to romantic bestsellers, they are never found wanting. Where they tend to have problem though is in the area of printing the finished work in readiness for the reading public.

The cost of publishing a single book has driven so many budding writers aground. However, many have found solace in converting the softcopy of their literature into e-books. It is that easy! But… it is still not a get-rich-quick mechanism.

Whatever you do, ensure your e-book meets people’s need and it is presentable. This is one of the few businesses you can start with a zero capital. There are professional formats that are acceptable and will ensure trust in people’s mind. You need to know them. Also try giving out free e-books as give-aways from time to time.

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So, what exactly do you need to get yourself started?


All you need are computer (laptop), a MS Word or PDF package, an internet connection, a researched and solution-offering topics to write on that meets people’s needs, a specific target market, a bank account, a payment reception means (how you hope to be paid and how the e-book could be forwarded to recipients), a facebook account, twitter handle, an active website / blog or any of the online market places such as eBay, Amazon or other popular ecommerce site to market your e-books.

You also need a good writing and marketing skills. Once you are on the verge of converting into an ebook, please ensure it includes your name, business/company name and contact numbers.

When it starts receiving attention, only then should you contemplate doing an offline version by undertaking the assiduous task of run a proper printing of the hard copies it to sell.

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