Home Entertainment Dr Nwadiuto Iheakanwa: Meet Iwuanyanwu’s Eldest Daughter (PHOTOS)

Dr Nwadiuto Iheakanwa: Meet Iwuanyanwu’s Eldest Daughter (PHOTOS)

Dr Nwadiuto Iheakanwa: Meet Iwuanyanwu’s Eldest Daughter (PHOTOS)
Dr Nwadiuto Iheakanwa (nee Iwuanyanwu)


From afar, anybody seeing Dr Nwadiuto Iheakanwa (nee Iwuanyanwu) for the first time could be forgiven if he mistakes her for a screen diva. Plumpy, fair and good-looking, she is the beloved first daughter of Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, prominent politician and chairman, Champions Newspaper.

Rarely seen at social events and when she ventures to attend one, Nwadiuto is known to exude confidence through and through.

Being the eldest child in a family also comes with its own challenge. In her case, the managing director of Champions Newspaper was Iwuanyanwu’s only child for nine years before God further blessed the family with other siblings. The period in-between the nine years saw the couple and relatives dotting heavily on little Nwadiuto. That perhaps explained the unbreakable bond between father and daughter even long after the arrival of her four other siblings.

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She once confessed to Daily Trust in an interview that while the father was still an engineer with Nigerian Construction and Furniture Company (NCFC), he used to take her to work.

“When the chief engineer comes in, I would hide till he goes. He raised me up to a point as a single parent after the war, because my mum had to go back to school. He hardly call me by my name because he always likes referring to me as ‘Ada.’

“My dad is very kind and doesn’t find it hard to assist people. My dad gave out my car once and I was so upset and that is the extent to which he gives. I was so sad because that was the car I drove each time I went home, but eventually that landed me a new one,” she recalled.

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Unfortunately, tragedy paid the billionaire business man a visit on 28 August 2011 when he lost his wife of more than 40 years, Lady Eudora Nnenna Ozinyereaku Iwuanyanwu. Aged 63, she was believed one of the strong pillars behind his success.

The blow was a heavy one as he confessed himself that her demise has proven to be an all-time low for him because he had always regarded as a vital part of him.

This was how Emma wrote her tribute:

“As a Patron of Cancer Society, she had recently expressed great concern over the large number of deaths due to prostate cancer and all other kinds of cancer.

“At a recent family meeting, she convinced me to build and donate 10 Cancer Screening & Treatment Centres to Nigeria, one in each of the 6 geo-political zones, and one in each of the 5 South-Eastern States. This was scheduled to be announced on the 4th of September, 2011. Sadly, she died a week before then.”

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Dr Nwadiuto Iheakanwa: Meet Iwuanyanwu’s Eldest Daughter (PHOTOS)
Dr Nwadiuto Iheakanwa receiving an award on behalf of her dad

Meanwhile Nwadiuto was recently spotted at Hotel Victoria Palace (SMRDU), Victoria Island, Lagos where she came to represent and picked up an award on behalf of her father. The event was the investiture and induction of new members by the prestigious Professional Excellence Foundation of Nigeria (PEFON). In attendance were bankers, insurance gurus, captains of industries and career professionals.

Brimming with smiles, she thanked the organisers for considering and choosing to honour her father with the award and membership of the foundation.


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