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Secret To Profiting from Bread Business

Secret To Profiting from Bread Business

If there is any loaf that has gained popularity and come to stay among Lagos residents and Nigeria as a whole – it is the unbranded generic ‘Agege’ bread.

The question could then be asked: What is so special about a loaf of bread?

You see, until 10 years ago, Nigerians had to contend with buying loaves that were poorly prepared and at other times probably spent days in the market before being picked up. But with the coming of Agege bread, the masses began to resent the old fashion bread.

In fact, the big players have also joined when Leventis Foods set up a big bakery and UTC entered with its bread. For those who can still recall, there was a time when Goodluck Bread, Odiche bread and the Mgbidi Bread were in the race before fizzling out.

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However, there are still big brands left in the market like those from Leventis, UTC, Big Treat and Chicken Republic. But you need not worry yourself about the competition because Agege bread has no equal yet in terms of popularity among the masses.

Tracing its origin to Agege, a settlement in Lagos, where it first started, it has suddenly become the favourite loaf among the masses. Now in all nooks and crannies, you are bound to find them. Virtually every bakery owner who has mastered the art is now smiling to the bank. Not only was it freshly made, it has a sweet aroma that tends to make one crave for a bite.

To run this kind of business successfully, seek out a good location that you are sure can attract passersby and commuters from afar. Then make an arrangement with the nearest bakery or the best in your locality that can supply you fresh loaves of different prices on time. There are breads of N50, N80, N100, N150, N200 & N250. Decide on which one you think can move the market fast enough for you. Running a profit bread business may not make you an overnight millionaire but it is guaranteed to bring you constant revenue.

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The truth is that sale of bread moves well very early in the morning (when students are preparing to go to school & workers to their offices), evening (when returning workers are always in search of something to munch) and during weekends (when people’s stock are always in short supply).

After sometime in the business, you will feel the need to add sale of cooked beans to the venture. Believe it or not, it is hard to find a spot where bread is not in high demands.



A good spot (safe from environmental task force harassment), a table & a bench, freshly supplied loaves & a courteous smile (no need for office, contact numbers or business cards).


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