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How to profit from Suya Business

How to profit from Suya Business


Does the mere mention of Suya strikes a chord in you? Yes, it should because the commercial practice of meat roasting has become a thriving business.

As expected, suya meat is not usually roasted with red pepper at the same time. If a customer wants the meat with pepper, it is given to him separately. The interesting part of it is that both men and women do patronise suya meat.

In fact, most guys often use suya to seduce women. There are instances where most men are known to buy meat of N2,000 to N3,000, simply because they are in the company of a woman who they want to impress. Others buy in large quantity because they want to chill out with friends while drinking at a relaxation centres.

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Unlike other ventures, suya business thrives mostly at night throughout the week, but the peak of sales comes every Sunday. One of the roasted meat sellers we spoke with explained that on Sunday night, he usually buys raw meat worth N10,000 and sell it for N30,000, making a profit of N20,000. But on other days of the week, he makes profit of only N5,000 to N7,000. Perhaps the main reason for the boom in suya at night is not unconnected with frequent parties in different joints and restaurants, beer parlours, night clubs – all of which are prevalent in this part of the country.



Undergo training from a suya expert and subsequently get your own special recipe for a unique taste. Get a small spot and add a new dimension to it by lighting up the place, introduce music and have some chairs for your customers. High level of hygiene is necessary. You also need wire mesh (for roasting), charcoals, knife, onions, tomatoes, nylons or take-away park (if you prefer something different from the usual newspaper for wrapping). However, there are other options like having an arrangement with a nearby drinking bar, nite clubs, hotels or a popular event centre and run your show from there.


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Likely Capital:

From N10,000 upward (depends on the capacity of the individual)


Culled from an entrepreneur’s diary “BUSINESSES TO START WITH LESS THAN N50,000.”

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