Home Entertainment Why Akran of Badagry refuses to take another wife since 1971

Why Akran of Badagry refuses to take another wife since 1971

Why Akran of Badagry refuses to take another wife since 1971
Akran of Badagry, Aholu Menu-Toyi 1

From time immemorial, traditional monarchs have been regarded as the closest to the people in terms of governance and leadership.

To this end, a king is said to have no limit as to the number of wives he can marry. This however depends on individual preferences.

Tribune Newspaper recently ran a feature story where the ailing monarch, Akran of Badagry, Aholu Menu-Toyi 1 spoke on a plethora of issues ranging from how he veer into journalism, rose through the rank to his coronation as monarch.

What caught my attention from all he enumerated was the reason he frowned at the idea of bringing another woman into his royal palace as most traditional rulers are wont to do.

Hear him:

“I don’t sincerely think the reason that made an Oba to marry more wives in those days is still valid. Time is fast changing. The world is dynamic and we must move with the tide. But I am not saying any Oba who is interested in more wives should not go for them.

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“I have only one wife who I married in 1971, when I was a practicing journalist. We understand each other to the extent that there is no reason to marry another wife. I am okay and she is okay by it too. Don’t forget that I said it depends on the choice of the individual Oba. What I am saying is that I have nothing against an Oba having more than one wife because nothing forbids him from doing so. But when there is no reason for one to have more than one, it is better one stays with one,” he stressed.

Words of wisdom, isn’t it?

On what he missed most since becoming a monarch in 1977, the Wheno Aholu Akran smiled and said ‘journalism.’

“I was once a school teacher, after which I started my career in journalism. Now, I cannot go out to meet people again. I used to go out and mix with people as a journalist. I cannot wear suits anymore because it is against our custom. An Oba must dress properly and set a good example.

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On how he moved from the newsroom to Akran throne

“It happened in October 1976 while I was already an editor. I told you that I was the editor of New Nigerian Newspaper when I was selected to be the Akran. That was in October 1976. By January 1977, I had returned home to start the preparation for the rites. By April, the coronation ceremony took place.

The revered monarch who was born on September 18, 1936, clocked 81 this year.


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