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Want to make more sales? (A Must Read)

Want to make more sales? (A Must Read)
Ronald Nzimora

If you are already selling something, or plan to sell something, whether it’s a digital product or a physical one, there’s a simple way to get LOTS of people buying your stuff.


Wanna hear it?


Here it comes…


Teach people stuff and they’re more likely to buy.


It’s that simple.


Teach people things about your topic or what your product is about, then plug in your product and they will buy.


If you sell baby food, teach mothers about taking care of their new babies.


If you sell skin care cosmetic products via e-commerce, teach how to take care of the skin.


If you sell real estate, teach real estate.


In essence you make your palce and where you teach a repository of knowledge, as far as that topic is concerned.

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Just like Dr Mercola is for everything health. Or DrASKY is for alternative health. Or what we implemented for NairaBET in the sports betting space. Etc.


When you do this, what happens? You become a celebrity to those in that space. They trust you. They believe you. They believe IN YOU. And they buy from you in droves.


You can do this teaching via a blog. You can also teach via YouTube, or a Facebook page, an Instagram page, a Facebook group (like this one you’re in), a LinkedIn profile or group, heck there are tens of free places you can use.


How will you teach it?  Simple. Use video. Use text. Use audio. Or a combination of the 3 if you want.

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Where will you find the content?


Let me think. Hmmmm. “Where you will find content?” *taps chin while looking up into the sky*


How about your experience?


Or failing that, Google.


Or failing that, interviewing people who are already doing that thing.


The writer, Ronald Nzimora, is an online marketing expert, author, businessman and investor.


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