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How To Keep A Lady Interested On A First Date (INTERESTING)

What an ideal first date should look like...


Any acquaintance with a girl is the first stage to your possible relationship. When you successfully pass it, you can invite her on a date. The first date plays a key role in building a relationship. And the positive result depends on how you behave.

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#1.      Don’t jump to conclusions

If she agrees to a date, this doesn’t mean that she likes you. Maybe she does, but potentially! Take a clothing store, for example: there are a lot of dresses, but a girl usually chooses the one that she likes the most because it is important that a dress be not only externally attractive but also comfortable, practical, beautiful, etc. And you must bear in mind that the criteria for choosing a man (even for one night), as a rule, is several times more stringent than the criteria for choosing clothes. Do you understand now how difficult it is?


#2.      Tell a nice joke or a funny story from your own life

 Or find a funny story on the Internet and tell it in your own words. If you make a girl laugh, she will feel subconscious sympathy and trust you.

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#3.      Listen carefully, show interest, and ask the right questions

 How to keep a girl interested?  Show her that you are interested in her. All your questions should be detailed. For example: “Where do you work”, “How do you spend your free time”, etc. Then a girl will have the opportunity to tell about her life in details. Typical questions with unambiguous answers “yes” or “no” are used in rare cases, when you need to clarify something.


#4.      Make compliments

Try to make a girl unusual compliments that will be remembered for a long time and will help you create an atmosphere of romance. This also concerns of how to keep a girl interested through texting: when you are texting her, try to tell compliments.


#5.      Don’t talk only about yourself

Even if a girl is shy, this doesn’t mean that only you have to talk. Ask her something, be interested in her. Some young people say only: “I … I … I …”. A girl can feel superfluous or just think: “What a narcissistic man!”

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#6.      Find a topic that is interesting to both of you

How to tell if a girl is interested? Try to interest her with common topics. Can’t find one? Come up with it in advance. But in any case, don’t ask: “And what topics do you like to talk about?”


#7.      Treat a girl as a person, and not as an object of sexual desire

Do more compliments not to her appearance but to her personal qualities. Don’t look at her beautiful legs or decollete zone. Stay at a distance. Don’t enter the intimate space of a girl before time. Different hugs (especially kisses) are not desirable on a first date.


#8.      Don’t intrude

 It is not a good idea to persistently call a girl to your home or offer her any services (to fix a tap, to do a massage, etc.). And even if you feel that a girl really likes you, it’s better to wait few days before the next date. Don’t call her every day.

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#9.      Be attentive

 Women often give men hidden signals. It is very important to learn to catch such signs when a girl is interested in you. For example, she plays with eyes, puts on lipstick, shows the neck or shoulders, fixes hair and much more – these are “inviting” hidden signals. Of course, don’t literally take every gesture and movement and rush headlong into the girl’s arms (because if she shows her neck – maybe it’s just hot!). At first, carefully analyze the surrounding situation. If you catch and correctly perceive the “inviting” signal – a girl will appreciate it and this will add vivacity and confidence. But then everything is in your hands (behavior and communication). It is enough to make the smallest mistake and the meeting may collapse.




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