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10 Steps To Turn Your Woman On Like A Pro



How many times have you heard that you are a great lover?

How many times have you brought your girls to orgasm?

Are you sure that they have had an orgasm and you don’t need any tips to get your girlfriend sexually excited? However, if the rider of this article has caught your attention then you really need these tips.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that a woman’s body is a more complex mechanism, which needs a special treatment and careful approach to turn it on. Unfortunately, only a half of the men succeeds in giving ladies a really unforgettable pleasure. Another half just forgets about tenderness when having sex.

This 10-step guide will help you to become more satisfied with the intimate life.



Do not forget about your appearance.

It is believed that men who looks more masculine, handsome and attractive are able to turn ladies on easily. Therefore it is important to watch personal hygiene, including a use of a deodorant and fresh pants, pay attention to the outfit and a perfume. Not only men get turned on by their eyes. If you attract her with your appearance, it is your first small victory. A good smell of the body, combined with not less good perfume, will serve you better than oysters.

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Send her a hint.

If you want to prepare the girl in advance, create her lift of emotions. Send her a text or a voice message with a hint about the future evening, let her excite in anticipation. Tease her a little and leave a space for the imagination.



Create a background.

Every woman needs a time to relax completely and free her wild sexual desires up, so don’t be in a hurry. You can slot in romantic music, light candles or special lamps, take some wine and fruits, and cheer yourself up. You will understand later what a great influence such an atmosphere has on your woman.



Remember about the compliments.

In your hand is a great power over a girl’s heart, use it. Give her compliments in a soft voice, filled with passion, whisper sweet nothing into her ear. This will increase your chances to turn a girl on, and continue to talk in a whisper even in bed.

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Don’t flatter her.

It is very important not to spoil the moment with some awkward fairy tales. She knows her strong and weak sides, so don’t lie if you want to continue this game.



Touch her.

In the moment of even a little excitement, the girl’s body becomes an erogenous zone and her neck, abdomen, fingertips, bosom are the most excitable. At the very beginning, make your touches seem occasional and when you go forward, offer to make her a massage. If you are gentle, you will feel her excitement well enough.



Talk to her.

Make her tell you about her desires and dreams. Show that you are really interested in her and all the information is important. Slowly move to intimate topics which are the most interesting and exciting. Besides, this will relax you and somehow liberate, creating a necessary atmosphere.



Kiss her on the lips.

Don’t do that too passionately. Watch her body language and find out what she likes exactly. Change your kisses with gentle touches and pause from time to time, keeping eye contact.  In order to turn a girl on like a pro, don’t overuse your tongue, kissing her on the lips. Your kiss should not be too obsessive.

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Pay attention to her ears.

A woman’s ears have many nerve endings, so don’t neglect them. Make small pauses, whispering her something pleasant and start sucking her earlobes very gently. Such touches will not leave her indifferent and help turn her on faster.



Fondle her clit.

It is the right place to use your tongue. Almost all women like good oral sex, so if you are good at this, she will get wet and just melt in your hands. Don’t do that assertively, touching the clit very gently.


The article is provided by dating experts from casanovastyle.com



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