Home Entertainment Being Dwarf Does Not Make Me Inferior, Says Nkubi Wazobia TV Presenter

Being Dwarf Does Not Make Me Inferior, Says Nkubi Wazobia TV Presenter

Being Dwarf Does Not Make Me Inferior, Says Nkubi Wazobia TV Presenter

From growing up in one Face-Me-I-Slap-You apartment with 7 housemates – parents and siblings to societal stigmatization, Victor Udochukwu Nwaogu fondly known as Nkubi has seemingly come a long way.

Reliving his experience on Wazobia TV’s Late Night Show recently, the presenter, voice-over artiste and actor remarked that his birth shocked his relatives, family friends and neighbours.

“Prior to my arrival, there was no history of dwarfism in the family. In fact, my father, mother and siblings are all tall. I seriously don’t know nor can explain why I am different,” he teased.

The first in a family of six, Nkubi bags a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Management and Media from University of Ibadan and had his youth service in Calabar.

Speaking further, Baba Tope as he is sometimes called (courtesy of his TV comedy) noted that he believes being dwarf is something natural and sometimes viewed from the angle of genetic disorder.

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Being Dwarf Does Not Make Me Inferior, Says Nkubi Wazobia TV Presenter

“The truth is that I wasn’t even born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I grew up like every other normal kid in a family of six and lived with my parents in one face-me-I-face-you room. Growing up came with his own challenge especially when people start staring and throwing jabs at you.

“Things were not really rosy for us. In fact, it was so bad that, at a point, my father had to borrow money to buy me WAEC form before I could sit for the examination.  I grew up under a very tense situation where I had to deal with challenges thrown at me by both nature and society. What could be worse than that? Any embarrassing moment that comes up now will be regarded as a part of life. But guess what? I told myself I would never relent nor give in to inferiority complex.

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“Besides people can stare at me till tomorrow. After all, being dwarf is not a disease. Thank God, my story has changed today. One interesting thing about being a presenter and comedian is that things come to me naturally. I have always dreamt of making a change and serves as a role model for people of less than average height who probably may be feeling inferior and passing through stigmatization,” he stressed.

On why his last relationship went sour, Nkubi admitted to having his fair share of heartbreaks. He revealed that his height played a key role to his disqualification by his would be in-laws.

“I couldn’t blame myself because I see it as a normal thing. The problem was not her but her parents. I wanted to take our relationship to the next level. She informed her parents and that was when things started to fall apart. The parents said they wouldn’t assent to it and because my ex is someone who likes to obey her parents, she called off the relationship,” he bemoaned.


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