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How To Maximise Profit From Sale of Fashionable Leather Belts


you know that selling of fashionable leather belts is quite profitable? If you
are in doubt, ask the few committed local clothiers who are into it and you
will be amazed at how much they realise as profits from this venture.

buy it directly from local importers while the rest like the young lady that
brings her wares to my office travelled as far as Cotonou (Benin Republic) or
Lome (Togo) to get their products (popularly called BALE).
the case of the former, there are people who bring the goods directly into the
country (distributors/wholesalers). Once you open up a channel of connection
with them, create a good and trustworthy rapport so you could start accessing credit
facility (as the business gradually grows).
you are the mobile type, it wouldn’t surprise you to see how commuters
especially working class ladies make a stop-over at major markets and bus stops
to pick up some fashion accessories which, of course, includes clothes. Unlike
the average boutique, some of these trendy belts are quite affordable with some
going for as low as N200 and as high as N3,000.
way you look at it, there is a huge market for them.

How did I know more about leather belts business?
A cousin recently told
me that going by the frustration she experienced over time, she has
been compelled to dump the blue collar job to become a sub-dealer in… wait for
it… BELTS!
I looked at her like
somebody coming across a leper for the first time.
She smiled, walked over
to one of her recent bales and fetched me about three of the belts in the stock.
“Take a look at them,”
she said.
Just one look was enough
to convince me about the quality. She has them in varieties – corporate, casual,
kiddies and feminine belts.
“Hmmn… So how do you
market them?” I enquired.
She carefully took her
time to analyse how she takes delivery of each bale from notable importers and,
in turns, distribute them in wholesale to young marketers.
These sales boys and
girls come from different parts of Lagos. Some display these wares at bus stops
and traffic-prone areas while others repackage them neatly in customized bags
or polythenes and move from office to office selling to people in the formal
sector. Yet, a considerable numbers of prospects in Abuja, Ibadan and other
states get their wares via through popular inter-states transport courier
Each belt regardless of
shape or colour whether black, brown, blue, green or white is disbursed at
affordable rates. Some in the range of N200 to N300 are being marketed at N500
or N1,000 while belts in the range of N1,000 are often sold in boutiques and
traffic-prone areas for N1,500, N2,000 or N2,500. That, of course, depends on
how each sales person assesses his potential client.
“Hmmn… I see!”
That really got me
thinking. I have a handful of people disturbing me endlessly with Curriculum
Vitaes (CVs) who still couldn’t understand why it is difficult to get a job in
Why can’t I convince them
to take up this initiative? And that was precisely what I did! Two persons
welcome the offer and I hooked them up with my sibling who, based on my
recommendation, granted them access to credit facilities for a start. Next, I
managed to negotiate a space for both at Oyingbo market and Costain bus stop
It is close to a year
since the development and I can confidently say they are doing well. From what
I gathered, recession or not, each day’s proceed ranges from N6,800 to N25,000
if the sales is good enough. According to them, demand for belts usually
reaches its peak during school resumption and festive period when people are in
the mood to spend.
Get a carpenter to help you construct wooden stand to hang your wares
or alternatively, get a large nylon spread and display the belts neatly for
commuters and passersby to see.
As earlier mentioned, it is often preferable to look for an open space
in a major market or bus stations especially where there is human and vehicular
Ensure the leather belts, whether corporate / casual/ kiddies or
feminine, are of good quality that could make each buyer give you referral by
word of mouth.
Next, try getting yourself a bell (or tambourine as the case may be) if
you are operating in an open space to attract your customers.
However if you cannot go through the rigour of setting up in any of
these places, you can embark on the usual office-to-office sale. Start by
calling on friends, neighbours and Church members to help influence their
colleagues at work to your advantage.
Likely Capital:
This is not
static. It could range from N5,000 to N300,000. Depending on your purchasing
power, you can decide to import, buy in bales and distribute or buy wholesale
and retail.
The option is yours!

If you are keen on considering the
sales of belts business for yourself or any of your friends and siblings, don’t
hesitate to reach her via 08107044575 or drop your enquiry in the comment box. 

Please note, I did not say shoes, clothes or bags. Only

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Culled from the book, “Businesses To Start With Less Than N50,000”

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