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Starting A Barbecue & Small Chops Business In Nigeria

Have you been nursing the dream of starting a small chop
It is never too late! One thing you must note however is that
small chops as a food option at parties has grown into a flourishing business
enterprise in today’s Nigeria.
The market, which used to have Saheeto also known as the
King of Small Chops, 12 Baskets and Laredo International as
some of the major players, now has more than 100 names in the game. You will
agree with me that there is hardly any party you will attend these days without
coming across small chops as an appetizer. Fondly known as finger food, small
chops comprise potato chips, Spring Rolls, puff-puff, Fataya, Samosa, Meat Balls, Chicken-In-Batter, Fish
and a host of other mouth-watering mini snacks.
Then there is the category of snails, salmon fishes, turkey, chicken and pork for barbecue. There is also the possibility of running a small Asun (peppered meat balls).
Aside being on offer at parties, many individuals and companies
now order them directly from the comfort of home or office either for
celebration or for private consumption.
Personally, I think the business thrives because people are
tired of being served the same menu over and over again at every event.
Increasingly, the demand for this kind of convenient and stress-free service
has created some sort of competition among existing small chop outfits and new
For instance, many of the big boys (as at the time of writing
this article) offer 100 pieces of spring rolls for N15,000 while the same
quantity of peppered chicken wings costs N22,000. There are several young
entrepreneurs, however, offering the same service at a far cheaper rate. An
example is Owo-Lab Small Chops in Ebute Metta area offers 100 piece of
spring rolls and Samosa for N7,000 and peppered chickens N15,000.
Meanwhile, what we are looking at here is the simple idea of
opening up a place that offers such delicacies in recreation clubs and commercial
area like Surulere, Victoria Island, Ikeja, Lekki, Yaba, Alausa or other serene
and high traffic-prone areas. It is bound to be a lucrative business if well

is a key factor. If you don’t have one, sign up to train under a small chops
* In
the absence of a pub, cinema or recreation centre, a clean and conducive place
to use as outlet.
* Advertisement
in local dailies, online platforms, Church bulletins, entertainment blogs and magazines.
* Ability
and wherewithal to design the place to meet your taste with an Plasma TV and home
theatre system to dish out love or contemporary music.
* Recruit
few employees to assist in the smooth operation of the business because in the
first 6 months, it promises to be quite hectic.
* There
are cheaper means to promote your business when you lack the resources to
advertise in entertainment magazines or community papers. As earlier mentioned,
you can print enough fliers to distribute to businesses and fun-lovers in the
neighbourhood and open up a website or blog to cater especially for people
interested in placing distant orders.
* Another
important thing to consider is the idea of creating a schedule to ensure your
itinerary doesn’t clash whenever you have an outdoor event.
Likely Capital:

This will depend heavily on the model you have in mind.
However, those who intend to start on a small scale like recreation clubs and
pubs might require a minimum of N50,000. This is because most of the equipment
including electricity will be provided for such entrepreneurs at a fee. This will
save you some level of stress to concentrate fully on only culinary items and frozen
foods for the barbecue. 
However those targeting movie locations or a mini
shelter in highbrow area will need to fathom in the cost of providing temporary
rent for the outlet, constructing food shelves, chairs and tables.

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