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From Hunting Ground To Mega Town: The Historical Account of Osapa London (LEKKI)

History is replete with stories of how lands and kingdoms are
discovered accidentally or built through painstaking efforts of an individual
or collective effort of a group of people. From the great rise of Roman Empire
to the fall of Constantinople, there is always a great fable or myth behind preceding
This perhaps explains why Osapa London, a 254.558-hectare in highbrow
Lekki area, has become one of the most sought-after properties in West Africa.
Osapa London is a 200-year old town. Prior to its modern
name, the parcel of land used to be called Osapa Village. However owing to the
rapid development springing up back then, the name ‘Osapa Village’
metamorphosed into Osapa London. The name Osapa (Osapa Lolo in full) means “The
Lagoon Is Calm.”
The story, however, would have been incomplete without making reference to the tussle over ownership of the land which was eventually awarded in favour of
Late Chief Gbadamosi Eletu-Odibo clan as against the Ojomo Chieftaincy Family.
It is said that one of the main reasons the Eletu Odibo family
annually celebrates Osapa Day, aside being the date they won their land case
that consequently turned the entire family into overnight billionaires, is that
it is a subtle signal indicating that they deserve to have a king that would
rule over them. Originally, the annual festival should have been christened
“Ojude Oba” as been done in the Ijebu Ode, but they have no crowned king yet.
According to Prince Kazeem Eletu-Odibo, a scion of the Odibo
clan, his grandfather used to stay in Itele in Ota.  Unfortunately, he had problem with child
bearing. It is said that they used to die before they grow up. So one day, he was
motivated to consult the oracle, where he was told to go and settle close to a
big Lagoon.
“That was how he left Itele for Osapa. When he eventually
berthed here (Osapa), he met a hunter and his daughter who were the original
settlers in Osapa village, a parcel of land given to them by the Ojomu royal family
for subsistence farming.
Long story short, the hunter accepted him when he explained
what led him to Osapa. As time went by, my grandfather fell in love and got married
to the hunter’s daughter. Fortunately enough, they started having children.
After several years, my grandfather took a second wife.
Interestingly, when my father was growing up, he took after
his father and became a renowned herbalist”.

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