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What Are Similarities And Difference Between Tabloid And National Dailies?


“It has been my life-long dream to invest
in newspaper publishing. However I will like you to enlighten me a bit on the
similarities and differences between tabloid (weekly or monthly) and the
national dailies”
– John Babs

Newspaper publishing is one of the oldest means of communication in
the world. It does not matter
what kind of publication you are aiming to print – be it tabloid or standard
news print, a publisher is a publisher.
However it is imperative to shed more
lights on their similarities and differences (just as you suggested) in order
not to confuse one for the other.
TABLOID is a newspaper with compact
page size smaller than broadsheet, although there is no standard for the
precise dimensions of the tabloid newspaper format.
journalism, along with the use of large pictures, tends to emphasize topics
such as sensational crime stories, astrology and celebrity gossip. This style
of journalism compact stories into short, easy to read and often exaggerated
term ‘Tabloid’ got its name from the ‘tabloid
marketed in the 1880s, which were the first highly compacted and
easy to swallow pharmaceutical pills commonly available.
some respected newspapers in Nigeria such as The Sun and Authority
are in tabloid format, the size is used by nearly all local newspapers.
tabloid newspaper format is particularly popular in the United Kingdom, where
its page dimensions are roughly 430 mm × 280 mm (16.9 in × 11.0 in).

BROAD or STANDARD SHEETS, on the other hand, are larger newspapers, traditionally
associated with higher-quality journalism.
whichever way we look at it, the terms tabloid and broadsheet are, in
non-technical usage, today more descriptive of a newspaper’s market position
than its physical size.
is also worthy to note that ‘tabloid’ are sometimes printed on daily, weekly, bi-weekly
or monthly basis. Many of them are essentially straightforward reports, well-published
in simple format because commuters, traders, motorists and shop owners prefer
to have a smaller-size publication due to lack of space. These newspapers are
distinguished from major daily newspapers, in that they purport to offer an
“alternative” viewpoint, either in the sense that the paper’s editors
are more locally oriented, or that the paper is editorially independent from
major media conglomerates.
factors that separate tabloids from standard newspapers are their frequency, and that they are usually either free or sold to readers for a
small fee, since the publishers rely more on revenue from adverts. Additionally,
weekly tabloids tend to concentrate on local level issues, and on local
entertainment in happening in event centres, bars, arts galleries, clubs and
local theatres.
I mentioned earlier, it does not matter what kind of publication you are aiming
to print – be it tabloid or standard news print, a publisher is a publisher.
both publications have a huge followership in Nigeria.

Culled from “How To Publish NEWSPAPER/ MAGAZINE / TABLOID On A Small Budget” by Adebayo Folorunsho-Francis 

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