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Why BRT TV Advert Remains A Viable Promotional Platform For Entrepreneurs, SMEs

It is not unusual to hear young entrepreneurs and small and
medium scale (SMEs) business owners lamenting “I don’t have the financial muscle to advertise on television and radio” or “Advertising in Nigerian newspapers is outrageous!”
The lamentation further takes a different twist the moment you moot the idea of advertising on BRT / LAGBUS. Most entrepreneurs tend to turn and take another look at you to be sure you are okay.
The essence of advertisement, in the first place, is to call the public’s attention to your business, usually for the purpose of selling products or services, through the use of various forms of media, such as print or broadcast notices.
Yea, we understand that brands, services, awareness campaigns
on a metropolitan shuttle like LAGBUS / BRT readily gives value for money in the long run (if you missed the maiden article, read it here http://bit.ly/1PMpufu), it is not advisable for small and medium scale enterprises.
That notwithstanding, smart SMEs can explore the huge
opportunities embedded in showcasing brands via the ultra modern in-transit multimedia
screen in every BRT / LAGBUS on Lagos roads.
It comes with huge benefits such as:
Stable power:
Whether there is power outage or, it has nothing to do with your advertisement which requires energy from the shuttle to run. Thus while commuters who are fatigued from continual scorching of the sun are cooling off in the air-conditioned buses, their attentions are focused on the multimedia which tends to play recent sports clips, trendy music and movie trailers neatly blend with a handful of in-transit TV commercials.
Demography (Audience):
BRT commuters cut across the ‘B’ to ‘C’ classes (medium to average income earners) which comprise civil servants, technocrats, business owners, market women, students, religious leaders, corp members, artisans and traders among others.
An average 15’ 30’ or 60’ commercial slot runs 56 times
daily, 392 times weekly and 1,568 times monthly.
     * No of Buses: 400
·       *  No of Commuters Daily: 460,000
·        * Average No of Commuters Monthly:14,000,000
·       *  Passenger Flow (Peak Period): 360000
·        * Passenger Flow (Off Peak): 100,000
·        * Passenger capacity/bus: 80 (37 sitting/43 standing)
·       * Daily Passenger Flow/Bus: An average of 200 passengers (including those embarking and disembarking at different bus terminals) per trip
·      * Each bus makes 20 trips (to and fro) each day. That makes the total carriage about 4,000 passengers per day and 120,000 commuters per month thereby offering advertisers the opportunity to reach a wide, diverse, heterogeneous audience.
As earlier mentioned, product / service commercials will be
featured amidst entertaining content such as musical videos, sports, movie trailers, fashion tips, comedy flicks and so on. This guarantees large viewership of your advert.
Interestingly, we presently have 400 in-transit audio and visual
display units available in BRT commercial shuttles.
Cost friendly:
For as low as N60, 000 per month, SMEs can be assured of
maximum exposure to commuters who form the bulk of their potential customers at a relatively cheap rate. As against spending about N6,500 on single slot radio jingles, N48,000 on one slot of television commercial or N30,000 on 3 x 4 advert space in newspaper, you are merely spending more about N2,000 a day to run similar television commercial (albeit small audience) on LAGBUS / BRT multimedia to a diverse audience. Not bad, isn’t it?


Major Route:
Although BRT / LAGBUS initiative is not meant to take over the entire stretch of Lagos roads, specific routes known to be chaotic and traffic prone were cut out to meet its purpose.
The five major ones include:
·        CMS – Ketu
·        Maryland – Iyana Ipaja
·        CMS – Lekki / Ajah
·        Maryland – Ikotun / Igando
·        Mile 12 – CMS
Influences Consumer Buying Behaviour
A recent survey conducted by Folfrad Media Classics has shown that consumers tend to make shopping decisions whenever they are on the move. Secondly, whether commuters like it or not, they don’t have the luxury of alighting from the bus in annoyance or tuning into another channel if they are not too comfortable with whatever is shown on the screen. In this regard, advertiser has more control over the audience not the other way round. This is why we believe showcasing your brands in as many as BRT multimedia as possible is a great way to break into the sub-consciousness of your consumers and direct their attention to your products and services.
Call to action
After watching three to four slots of a commercial during a
journey from CMS to Maryland, it is not unusual to observe that an estimated 40 per cent of the passengers are spurred to give the products / services / religious or awareness campaign a trial. Guess what? If, for instance, a passenger decides to purchase a pack of noodles after alighting from the bus, don’t you think the product of the company’s commercial they had just witnessed on the in-transit LCD screen stands a better chance of being purchased as against other brands?
That is the power of advertising!

Why should you use BRT Advertising and Branding?

  • You can’t avoid or zap advertisements on the sides of big buses.
  • You can’t ignore the beautifully illustrated bus advertisings and brandings.
  • It definitely cannot be turned off or muted like on television.
  • It reaches drivers, passengers, vehicular traffic on roads, pedestrians,by-standers and residents of buildings on the roads no matter what radio stations they’re listening to.
  • The large, colourful, innovative designs immediately capture your imagination and demand undivided attention.
  • You can avail exclusivity in your space with no competitors in sight.
  • It delivers a wide range of varied audience spanning strata, economic class, age, gender etc.
  • It offers immense flexibility of ad size, location and placement.
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Why advertise with us?

  • Our rates are moderate and negotiable
  • Every campaign, whether interior or exterior, is discount driven to suit your marketing budget.
  • At FOLFRAD MEDIA, we take corrective outdoor campaign action at the right time to ensure you get deserved value from your advertising campaign.
  • We offer free counselling on how best to maximize your campaign in the absence of a robust advertising budget.
  • We ensure that client pays only for the exact period of campaign without additional hidden charges.
  • We have over 400 fleet of buses available for branding at any time.
If this prospect of advertising on BRT / LAGBus in Lagos meets your demand, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:


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