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Benefits of BRT / LAGBUS Advertisement In Traffic

My phone rang continually indicating that whatever the caller
had to say was quite important. I picked it up wondering who might be trying to reach me this late. It was about 11.30pm. As it turned out, it was an aggrieved client who ranted on endlessly. He is the managing director of a popular pharmaceutical company with head office in Lagos. At first, I wasn’t sure of what his complaint was all about until I pleaded with him to calm down.
Apparently he received intelligence earlier in that day that a
LAGBUS commercial shuttle displaying one of his products, a cough medicine advertisement, had broken down in the midst of traffic on the ever-busy Oshodi Expressway. The development led to a chain reaction. LASTMA officials rushed to render assistance,
motorists barked as they forced their way through, bystanders, hawkers and pedestrians alike kept looking at the bus while crossing the road.
“The whole scene was embarrassing, to say the least! What if
they vandalise the bus?” he murmured.
All through the narration, I kept grinning. When the pharmacist
noticed that I wasn’t saying anything, he inquired to know the reason.
“I’m sorry, Sir. I really don’t see a problem in your complaint.
The fact that the LAGBUS broke down was indeed a plus and not a challenge of sort,” I started. He sounded shocked.
“Did the Lagos State government sanction or fine you?”
“No!” he replied slowly
“Was your ad material torn from the LAGBUS bus?”
He kept mute.
I then went on to assuage his fear and analyse the situation which I earlier addressed here some months ago (if you missed it, click here: http://www.citypulseng.com/2015/07/why-you-should-invest-in-brt-advert.html).
“Sir, before we embark on displaying clients’ advertisement on BRT / LAGBUS, our first rule of engagement (as a precautionary measure) entails insuring the materials. In other words, all
advertising materials on display will be replaced at no cost in the event of loss or vandalisation.”
He seemed pleased with that.
“Secondly, it is normal for vehicles – whether cars or buses – to break down on a busy road. In the case of BRT / LAGBUS, they are under the franchise of Lagos State Transport Management Agency hence they can neither be impounded nor towed away.
“Thirdly, there is nothing like bad or negative publicity as far as advertising is concerned. That the bus caused a bit of commotion in a densely populated area like the Oshodi – CMS route is a plus.
“While the repair lasted, the LAGBUS commercial was the centre
of attraction. There is even a tendency that no fewer than 3,000 persons (that included motorists, LASTMA officials, bystanders, hawkers and pedestrians) must have seen the displayed product at that same spot.
“Either way we look at it, it is a win-win situation.”
The answer seemingly satisfied him as he confessed that he didn’t assess the incident from that perspective. We chatted on for some
time before he eventually hanged up.
A strict businessman, the pharmacist is somebody we cannot
afford to mess around with. With a fleet of 10 LAGBUS shuttle plying different routes in the metropolis, he is one of our biggest clients.


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