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Annoying Things To Avoid In Whatsapp & BBM Marketing

* Stop annoying Broadcast (BC) like “It’s morning”, “It’s night..” “TGIF..” “Send
this to 10 people & expect a miracle”
* Carefully read through what you compile before BC
* Insist on getting paid before launching a commercial BC or promotional texts for anybody
* Change your BB name or handle so that prospective clients can
locate you with ease. If you are fond of using smileys or funny symbols, it
makes it difficult for people to reach you. Sometimes you can use your blog
(Citypulseng.com) / website’s url along with your name for easy identification
(e.g. Francis Citypulse)
* Don’t lie about the number of your contacts to your
* Let your word be your bond. Don’t collect money from
clients & fail to deliver the goods (float their broadcast). This is one of
the easiest way to kill a young brand.
Do you know that the kind of messages you send has a lot of
influence on your personal brand and affects the perception of others about
1.  It reflects your intelligence
This is the most prominent of all issues. Have you had to
apologise for sending an insanely stupid message? e.g. ‘send this message to
update your BB Messenger’, or having to retract a message you sent and later
realised it actually happened a year ago?. Do people realise you cannot have
additional smileys by sending broadcast messages?  Have you forwarded details of a stolen
American vehicle to your Nigerian contacts (lol)?
Your broadcast of a message means you endorse, have thought
through and agree with the details of the message. Do you do that? If  you don’t, people will either think you are
incredibly stupid or plainly ignorant.
2.   It exposes your values
Messages, pictures, images, jokes especially sexually
explicit ones reveal a lot more about you than you think. Have people sent you
private messages about a broadcast you sent, telling you they didn’t believe
you could have such amessage?
Your messages have a lot of influence in shaping people’s
perception about your value system, belief and character. Can you share the
message/jokes in a room full of people? If you don’t want to be quoted, then
don’t share it.
3.   It projects your image/reputation
If you want to build your credibility/reputation, use your
broadcast feature to genuinely add value to the lives of your contacts – the
same goes for the opposite. The strength of your reputation is affected by your
updates and messages. People use it to promote what they do and the services
they offer. 
Some people use their picture profiles as exhibition platforms for
their products and services and they have made money from it.
What are you doing with yours?
4.   It affects your credibility
If you’re always having to retract your messages, apologize
over unverified reports and information; it depreciates your credibility. After
a while your credibility will always be double-checked and your messages may
not even deserve a reading. I once received a broadcast of a job vacancy for a
bank but the email address of the HR is for another bank? lolz
Your social media profiles are an extension of your
5. If your name is
not authentic/ it may have no brand value
This is especially for people who keep changing names.
Please how will people find you if they need you? Except I want to be mischievous,
no one will want to keep changing costumes at a Haloween party. If you had
advertised/promoted a product someone wants but had changed your name from
‘Harry’ to ’34ui cheeks’ or ‘cr8ive’ to ‘Titi’ , what happens? While changing
names/nicknames/brand may not be bad in itself, we cannot deny it depreciates
the strength of your brand.

Social media workshop excerpt (2013) delivered by 
Adebayo Folorunsho-Francis (Facebook.com/Francis Citypulse)
Business Coach, Author, Blogger, Journalist
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Adebayo Folorunsho-Francis is a communicator, Journalist, blogger, business coach and, of course, a prolific writer. He has Dip (Journalism) and B.A. (History & International Relations) from the Lagos State University (LASU). The self-effacing young man has worked for national, regional and local newspapers. He had worked with THISDAY covered community news for ISLAND NEWS and corresponded with P.M. NEWS (evening tabloid). Presently, he is the editor of CITYPULSE MEDIA and senior correspondent of PHARMANEWS, West Africa foremost health and pharmaceutical journal.


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