Home Business ConsiderIng Starting A Snack & Soft-Drink Business?

ConsiderIng Starting A Snack & Soft-Drink Business?

Are you a housewife who is exceptionally good in preparing home-made snacks? Then you are in business. Does the idea of selling freshly-made snacks such as cookies, chin-chin, sausages, meat pies, doughnuts and drinks sounds good to your ears? Don’t know how to make one? 
No problem, there are several people around who can supply you. Quick, get yourself a small shop or create a small space in front of your house with a bench if you can’t afford one. Next try getting a show glass where you display your snacks. Store soft drinks in your freezer if you have one or better still get a small cooler filled with ice blocks to chill the drinks very close to the show glass. 
Also you will do well to also place a display board in front of your business indicating what you are offering to the public. You will be at an advantage if your business is open to areas where people passing can easily see you from afar.
Requirements: A shop, an open space or in front of your house, show glass, a freezer or cooler, soft drinks, freshly-made snacks, big umbrella to shield your customers from the scorching sun (if you can’t afford a shop).
Likely Capital: N150,000 – N350,000 depending on your capacity.
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