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The Profitable Business of Raw Food (Rice, Beans & Garri)

Sale of raw food like rice, beans, garri, corns and wheat is a profitable business to start in Nigeria. Unlike other perishable edibles, they can stay for months without getting spoilt or rotten. It sells more during weekends, holidays and riot or protest days. Those are the days workers (especially the working class) complain of not having enough foodstuffs at home. 
To make a success of this kind of business, you need to site it in densely populated areas. It will be foolhardy for anybody to attempt to set it up in an environment where you have only offices and government parastatals or quarters. Even if you cannot afford these food items in bulk, try buying small – half bag of rice, beans, garri, wheat, corns etc. 
Personally, I know someone who started with this method. Later, he moved on to buying in bulk. Today, he has three shops to his credit. Above all, you must be honest at all time and avoid cheating people with your scales. If news break out that you or your sales person is in the habit of cheating the public, you will be amazed how people will start running from you. But once they become used to your service, you are bound to start getting new customers.
What Are The Requirements: 
A small shop, kiosk or old container for a start (but be sure it is not placed where government task force will harass you), big table(s), four basins (iron, ceramic or plastic containers), phone numbers and business cards. If you cannot afford a shop, the space in front of your compound will do.
What are the Likely Capital: 
N150,000 – N500,000
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