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FIRED FROM 15 JOBS!!! How Rap Queen Nicki Minaj Rose From Frustration To Prominence


Full Name: Onika Tanya Minaj (Nicki Minaj)
Gender: Female
Born: 08 – Dec – 1982
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 157 CMS ( 5 Feet 2 Inches )
Birth Place: St. James , Trinidad and Tobago
Citizenship: United States
Education: Fiorello H. La Guardia High School
Occupation: Rapper , Singer , Songwriter , Actress
Industry: Entertainment
Networth: $45 Million
Residence: Queens ,
Anybody seeing American-born rapper, singer, songwriter and actress – Nicki Minaj – for the first time could be forgiven for concluding that she falls into the ranks of few entertainers who rode on the back of luck to stardom. 

Nay! Globally known for her unique
style and lewd lyrics, Nicki’s brand of rap has witnessed a deluge of numerous records to her credit.  

However beyond all the razzmatazz and twerking addiction of a young, dynamic and confident woman lies the painful anecdote of a one-time hustler. As expected of every success story, life was not kind to her from the outset.

Born in St. James, a major district in Trinidad and Tobago, Nicki relocated to New York (USA) with her family when
she was five years old. Her father was a drug addict and an alcoholic who once
set their house on fire in an attempt to kill Nicki’s mother. Nicki’s childhood
was disturbed and she created (unconsciously) her alter egos in order to cope
with the psychological and physiological trauma. Cookie, her alter ego , was
actually from this period of her life where her parents constantly fought and

She had other alter
egos as well. In fact, the name ‘Nicki Minaj’ was actually an alter ego from her real name Onika
Tanya Maraj, which she later chose as her stage name.
She always wanted to
be an actress and singer. She attended Music High School and realized that
music was her calling, as she not only enjoyed it, but was also good at it.
However, there were numerous times that Nicki felt like giving up. She
had seen a lot of lows. She got fired from at least 15 jobs and even her music
and acting career did not take off instantaneously. Many a time, she was ready
to give it all up. It was Nicki’s mother who always motivated her and told her
to try even harder.  And try she did. Without ever giving up.
It was through the
platform of social media that Nicki grabbed eyeballs. Gaining success from her
mix tapes released in 2007-2009, Nicki went on to signing with Young Money
Entertainment.  Pink Friday was Minaj’s debut studio album and it was
number one on billboard 200. It sold over four million copies. There was no
turning back for her from then on. Her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded topped
the billboard 200. 

She is a shrewd businesswoman who now owns a fragrance line
and a clothing line. She even has an app called “Nictionary” which was created
by her alter ego Harajkuku Barbie. It is a dictionary which consists of
different words she uses in her songs. She also made her acting debut in The
Other Woman in 2014 alongside Cameron Diaz.

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All this success has
not made her superficial. She still says that buying things for others makes
her the most happy. Her clothing line makes good quality and high end fashion
stuff. She says a lot of her fans can’t afford pricey designer clothing so her
line is for people who can now buy such clothes at an affordable price.
Coming from a
financially weak home and living in a very hostile environment, Nicki never
gave up. She says that the most important thing to do is to bounce back. That
is what she did, one rejection after the other but she didn’t give up. That’s
what made her what she is today. A true inspiration to many fans around the

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