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WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHING (Read About Its Origin)

Ask anybody the
meaning of the idiom ‘A Wolf In Sheep Clothing’ and the probable answer you may get is – “Someone who hides malicious intent under the guise of
But just how many
people care to find out where it actually originated from? Quite few, I presumed.
As usual, CityPulse Nigeria dug into the archive and came up with
cautionary advice that one cannot necessarily trust someone who appears kind
and friendly has been with us for some centuries. In fact, both the masterpiece
called Aesop’s Fables and the Bible contain explicit references to wolves in sheep’s
On the face of it,
Aesop must have originated the phrase, as his tales are much more older than any
biblical text. 
The version of
Aesop’s Fables that is best known to us today is that of George Fyler Townsend’s 1867
, in which he gives the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing fable this way:
Once upon a
time, a Wolf resolved to disguise his appearance in order to secure food more
easily. Encased in the skin of a sheep, he pastured with the flock deceiving
the shepherd by his costume. 
In the evening, he was
shut up by the shepherd in the fold; the gate was closed, and the entrance made
thoroughly secure. But the shepherd, returning to the fold during the night to
obtain meat for the next day, mistakenly caught up the Wolf instead of a sheep,
and killed him instantly.”
Now that you know,
the next time you hear somebody used the phrase ‘Wolf In Sheep Clothing’
figuratively, be quick to remind them about its origin.
In fact, I think I
should start a series on these ‘Words & Origin’ thingy
Don’t you think so?

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