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How To Start A Lucrative Football Viewing Centre Business

Not many people believe that football viewing centres can today turn out to be a lucrative business. This was made possible by the huge expenses involved in acquiring the DSTV channels bouquet which included English Premiership, Spanish La liga, French Championat and German Bundesliga right from any MNET office in Lagos. HiTV cable used to be a major competitor until it lost out again to the perennial monopoly of DSTV. 
To further show how profitable viewing centres can be, a sitting in some areas cost N70 per match and

N100 for star match. For instance, a game like Arsenal versus Manchester United or Real Madrid versus Barcelona is a jackpot for any operator of such centre.

An average centre often boasts of 50 to 100 per match. It is not uncommon these days to see three or four viewing centres on one street today. If properly organised, you can make up to N20,000 a day (depending on the number of matches aired though. In fact, some of my friends are making up to N80,000 weekly as pure profit. 
Even bars and hotels have resorted to use access to DSTV as a unique selling point – free viewing as long as you are eating or drinking there. A DSTV bouquet presently costs N23,000. However, you might be tempted to even add extra service to your customers by selling G. S. M recharge cards, Snacks and Drinks.
A good location that can accommodate 50 – 200 persons, DSTV bouquet and subsequent monthly subscription, giant canopy (where it is not sited indoor), neat benches or white chairs, a noticeable board displaying each day’s match(es) at the entrance, one or two or three televisions where matches will be shown simultaneously, two ceilings or standing fans and other accessories such as stabilizers, cable wire and a standby generator. 
Meanwhile if you can afford it, you could allow people to watch the first match free of charge as part of the needed awareness campaign.
Likely Capital: N80,000 – N250,000

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