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How To Set Up A Successful Barber’s Shop

Gone are the days when old men dominated the hair cutting business. These days, the rate at which the youth have taken over is quite captivating. Aside the colourful side,these dudes have successfully run the old war horses out of business and brought in a breath of fresh air into the old fashion way of cutting hair. They have continually won the hearts of men and ladies alike with their fast innovative and smart skills. 
Despite the huge presence of barbers we have even in Lagos alone, there is still enough room for many
others coming into the profession in droves. All it requires is for you to get a creative mentor under whom you can learn the tricks of the trade for a period of six months to one year (at least). 
After your graduation, snoop around for an area in dire need of a barber shop and establish yourself there. What is more surprising is that these barbers charge a minimum of N250 (and N300 for generator) just to scrape off hair from one person. Imagine having 30 – 50 persons in a day, isn’t it worth the business?
Get a small shop, two quality clippers, brushes, liquid sterilizers, a bottle of spirit, piece of cover cloth, one bench (for people waiting), two revolving barbers seats (a carpenter can do cheaper ones for you), a locker, one frontal mirror and another one at the rear, a standby generator (the I-better-pass-my-neighbour type should do for a start), TV set, CD player, a business name at the entrance of your salon and, of course, contact numbers.
Likely Capital: 
About N150,000 – N300,000 for a start.

Culled from: Money Spinning Businesses To Start With N300,000 & Above

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    • Thanks Arpitkakkar.

      Your contribution is a good well. I almost forgot about that. Sterilizers are more than needed before the clippers are applied on other clients


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