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How Oshodi Tapa Became A Lagosian

The history of Lagos cannot be complete without making reference to the exploits of the legendary Chief Balogun Landuji Oshodi Tapa.
For those who are not in the know, Oshodi Tapa was a little boy from
the North (Nupe descent) who was about to be loaded onto a Portuguese ship as
another sold slave. With his parents already murdered, he escaped and sought
refuge in Oba of Lagos palace. Oba Eshinlokun (Kosoko’s father) took him in and

raised him like one of his own princes.
He was fairly successful in trade
and was able to acquire his own slaves. After the death of Eshinlokun, he
became an associate of Kosoko and was affiliated with him for a long period of
He followed Kosoko to Epe, after
the latter had been dethroned in place of Akitoye. Both Kosoko and Oshodi were
always hovering like a shadow in the affairs of Lagos and its stability.
However, a peace agreement was reached in 1862 and Oshodi Tapa was able to
acquire a plot of land and adapt to the peaceful trade that was emerging in the
colony of Lagos. He was given a chieftancy title after demonstrating his
leadership in trade matters during the exile of Kosoko. After the peace
agreement, he established a small community made up of 200 families.
Oshodi Tapa soon rose up the rank
to become a war general who organised the defence of Lagos when the British
ships pounded it with artillery fire in 1851. It took these warships which
would later participate in the Crimean War in Russia nine days to subdue Lagos
and Oshodi Tapa’s forces destroying one of ships – Teazer.
Today, Oshodi Tapa and his
descendants are accepted as Lagosians with their own area and noble line of
He lived in Lagos from 1816 to
So when next you pass through the
popular Oshodi settlement in Lagos, remember the legacy of its patron – Tapa.

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