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Why You Must Watch '3 IDIOTS' (A movie recommended for every entrepreneur, student, teacher, apprentice & businessman)

Did you grow up wondering why you are so different from your peers – in terms of thinking, academic pursuit, action or decision-making? Are you one of those who think the value of education goes beyond the four walls of school and eventual issuance of certificate?
Then you need to watch the movie 3 Idiots
It is a film I will readily recommend to everybody ranging from students, apprentices, teachers, professors, business executives, entrepreneurs etc regardless of your ethnic, religion and race. 
It is a 3-hour clip that revolves around Rancho, the chief protagonist (in literature terms) of 3 idiots, who is a

non-conformist that will rather walk the path that he believes so much in than follow others all in the name of looking good doing what everyone else is doing.

All through his college days, he was so different from others challenging authorities and established rules of college and learning in general and that make him clash with the “rules laden” ego of the 
commander-in-chief & dean of the college – Prof Virus

While every student is busy cramming and memorizing answers to exam and test question, Rancho believe in having fun learning by not memorizing like the “all too knowing” Chatur – The Silencer who only cares about memorizing and cramming lecture notes as the only way of coming top of the rat race of college life. And when other students are busy following without questioning what they are been taught, he was busy asking questions and getting interested in the practical application of what he is being taught in how to make various machines while his colleagues are busy enjoying the loads of some theoretical and impractical garcons being taught by their college professors. He enjoys simplifying answers to questions rather than following the exact and complex ways college always taught everyone.
While everyone was in college to get a degree to help get a “secured” and prestigious engineering job even if their passion is that of wildlife photograph like one of his closest friend – Farhan, he 

came to college because he has passion not for college books but for real engineering studies of how machine works.
When everyone was busy queuing for their turn at the limited bathrooms in the college hostel, Rancho will just enjoy bathing in the open air with only his private part covered by a towel and save the stress of wasting time waiting for others to be through with using the common bathroom.
These are some of the many ways that Rancho lives his life of Fun (watch the film and see how he enjoys a lot of fun even at the expense of everyone and he goes away with it). Freedom and Fulfillment, a live devoid of conforming to any rules or norms that many others follow.
The result of living this way is an end where he enjoy his success following his passions for working with machines and inventing lots of them while teaching and nurturing many young adults like the college errand boy- Millimeter. Unlike many of his colleagues who just came to college, get an engineering degree, get a lucrative overseas job and end up living a passionless life of been struck at a dead end job that sucks hell out of their life but with nothing they are ready to do about it.
Why on earth will you live a life that sucks freedom
fun and fulfillment out of you all in the name of looking good doing what others are doing when you can damn the norms and start living the life the way you want  even if it goes against what others people around believe is the right way to go?

Rancho was called an Idiot by his conformist Dean. They even put to a bet of who will be more successful in the next ten years from college by Chatur- the Silencer who scorns Rancho that the only way to success in life is to come top of the class by memorizing. Moreover, this will make you get a good job.
Unfortunately, Chatur  later,  after that same ten years from college unknowingly came begging for a lucrative patent merchandizing agreement for Rancho’s many record breaking inventions – a feat possible by pursuing his passion for machines rather than conforming to everyone’s norms of studying to get a job.

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