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How I Escaped Falling Victim To Kenya Mall Massacre – Wole Soyinka

Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has said he and the late Ghanaian
diplomat and poet, Kofi Awoonor could have been together at the
Westgate shopping mall shooting in Nairobi where Kofi was killed.
But thanks to him not being able to attend the Storymoja/Hay Literature Festival, his life was spared.
Soyinka who spoke in Lagos yesterday during a memorial reading
session held in honour of the late

Ghanaian poet, said he was invited to
the same festival poet Kofi was in Nairobi for but he could not attend.

Because of two commitments: a public conversation with a very brave
individual, Karima Bennoune, an Algerian national,  and the annual
conference of international investigators in Tunis.
He said:
“My absence was particularly regrettable, because I had planned to
make up for my failure to turn up for the immediate prior edition. It
was at least two days after the listing of Kofi Awoonor among the
victims that I even recollected the fact that the Festival was ongoing
at that very time.
“With that realisation came another: that Kofi and I could have been
splitting a bottle at that same watering hole in between events and at
the end of each day. My feelings, I wish to state clearly, did not
undergo any changes. The emotions of rage, hate and contempt remained on
the same qualitative and quantitative levels”.
Soyinka described the late Awoonor as a passionate African who gave primacy of place to values derived from his Ewe heritage.
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