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How To Profit From Retailing Bags of ‘Pure Water’ Business


You can become a retailer of pure water bags (that is, a pure water distributor) with just
N20,000. All you need do is to identify a good sachet water producer and become one of their distributors.
These days, it is not unusual to find them. Owing to the profitability of the business, they are
gradually taking up every available community in Nigeria today. All you need is
to ensure that your water is always cold. Buy in Bulk and sell in bags to those
who are willing to hawk on the street.
Talking from experience, my former landlady does not have any
other business other than this. At first, I had my doubt when she announced that
she is into retailing of ‘pure water’
bags to local water vendors. I kept musing on how someone can survive on pure
water retailing.
My first two weeks of moving into the compound however changed
that perception, courtesy of the continual banging
of gate
every morning by prospective customers desperately in need of pure
According to her, she sells no fewer than 60 bags on any
other day and about 120 on a good day, especially weekends. That is like selling
a bag of water which costs N120 x 60 bags
= N7,200
while 120 bags should give N14,400.
However, due to incessant pressure from party organisers, caterers and some selected water vendors who are also
into sale of beverages, she has added production
of ice blocks
to her catalogue. The cheapest of her ice block is N100 and
the biggest N300.
Now that is what I call serious
! Initially she started with one deep freezer; today she has three.


a good sachet water producer and become one of their distributors.
shop is needed as you can operate
directly from the comfort of your home
(just as my landlady). Take out every
household item you have in the
freezer, clean it thoroughly and convert it for commercial purpose.
need not print any handbill or poster. Just look for a small board and write “Bags of Cold Pure Water Sold Here” and
place it at a noticeable place or preferably by the entrance of your compound.
your new business to neighbours,
friends, Church members
and family
. You need to also visit roadside canteens and hawkers in your
community as well as those selling in nearby bus stops close to you. Once that
is achieved, your job is done!
is also advisable to have a standby
to power your freezer once in a while if you live in an
environment where electricity generation
is epileptic

Likely Capital:

You will need between N20,000 and N50,000 to get started.

Culled from “BUSINESSES TO START WITH LESS THAN N50,000.” For more business ideas, get a copy of the book (or e-book) via 07039091674

Business To Start With Less Than N50,000
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