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BUSINESS 15 – How To Run A Profitable Blog

If you enjoy sharing your experience through writing, find a topic you’re passionate about and start a blog on the topic. So what exactly is Blogging?

According to Darlington Omeh, a blogger and social media practitioner, blogging is simply defined as self-publishing; act of publishing your thought on the worldwide web.

Welcome to the world of Blogging – If there is anything you must start online as a matter of urgency,
it has to be blogging. In fact, if you are not yet blogging, you are probably missing one of the most important, most satisfying, and most rewarding online adventure of your life.

I am talking from experience. If you doubt, visit my blog via www.citypulseng.blogspot.com and see the level of passion I have pumped into it. When I started it, I was lost in the Nigerian rating and ranked about 9,236, 132 in the world. Less than 5 months down the line, I have been ranked among the 500 most viewed sites in Nigeria. The traffic was simply terrific.

Why is blogging so important? Apart from other great benefits that come with blogging, you can actually make money through blogging; very good money for that matter.


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