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PHOTOSHOP OR REAL? – Picture of Lady With 3 Boobs Goes Viral (PHOTO)

    Jasmine Tridevil
Photo: Americanlivewire

This picture of a girl has been trending for a while on the Internet.

According to American Livewire, this image was uploaded to Reddit by user “bsbobstar” showing a girl posing on camera… with 3 boobs?

Further investigation revealed the actual person in the photograph truly exists.

The viral sensation, Jasmine Tridevil, is a wannabe pop star who rose to internet prominence two years ago when a picture showcasing her three boobs went viral.

The picture has since created a sort of mixed reaction across the globe with some people expressing their shocks and others waving it off the extra boob as a mere wearable prosthetic.

News media were not left out with some newspaper house claiming that for as long as Jasmine evade their calls for interview, it remains a hoax.

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However the 21-year-old lady from Florida has denied the hoax claims and retorted that she went through with a stressful procedure just to make herself feel uninviting to the opposite sex.

“People will always have something to say. They will criticise it or love it and even demand for a close shots. I know my breasts are real and I do not care what anybody thinks. Getting a third breast was not always my plan – I just had the idea two years ago.”

“If I go to a park where there are children, parents will give me dirty looks. But if I go to a bar it seems like everybody loves it,” she enthused.

According to the young lady, the surgery she had cost £12,000 and took about one and a half to complete.

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However the quest to find a surgeon to help her proved difficult – with one allegedly telling her that she should check herself into a mental hospital.

Alas, she got one who could perform the enhancement surgery, but only if she signed non-disclosure agreement meaning she can never reveal his identity.

“As I mentioned earlier, the reason I got a third breast is because I wanted to make myself unattractive towards men. Sexually, I just did not want to be approached by men anymore.

“Therefore I got a third breast to make myself unattractive but I still wanted to feel pretty. I can still wear provocative clothing and feel pretty myself,” she noted.

Whether real or fake, you decide!

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