Home news Video Images Pin-Point Boston Marathon Bombing Culprits (SEE PHOTOS )

Video Images Pin-Point Boston Marathon Bombing Culprits (SEE PHOTOS )


collated on the 4chan website show numerous images of suspicious
individuals wearing large backpacks present at the scene of the Boston
Marathon bombings.

Three of the men appear to be Arab or Middle Eastern in appearance, whereas another two of the individuals are white.

The images show the men looking away from the marathon runners,
talking on cellphones and running from the scene immediately after the

Remains of one of the backpacks are also photographed
yards from where one of the bombs exploded. The FBI states that at
least one of the pressure cooker devices used in the bombing was housed
in a backpack.

Some of these men may have merely been victims,
but the image of the two men standing together wearing the same clothes
and carrying heavy backpacks and wearing credentials suggests they may
have been involved in a drill or in the actual attack. One of
individuals, a white man whose backpack was found at the scene of the
bombing, looks badly dressed and disheveled.

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CNN is now
reporting that authorities have identified one of the suspects involved
in the attack by means of “video from a department store near the site
of the second explosion” and “video from a Boston television station.”

Boston Globe also reports that, “authorities have an image of a
suspect carrying and possibly dropping a black bag at the second blast
site on Boylston Street.”
NewsCenter5 is reporting that, “An arrest is imminent or may have already taken place,” and that the individual is being taken to court.

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