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Common Mistakes Committed By Graduates When Applying For Job (INTERESTING)


It could sometimes be disheartening for graduates who through the rigour of writting and sending lots of application letters / CVs without getting a positive feedback. However, if you fall into this category, you need to reassure yourself you are not involve in any of the slips mentioned below:

Funky Emails – Even though your email
does not guarantee the possibility of getting the employers attention,
but you don’t want to take a chance. Some email addresses sound so
childish and unprofessional. For instance, lollypopbaby25@blabla.com,
steve4uandme@blablabla.com, do not sound professional. Register a new
email. It’s free. Something like this is nice, Grace.Agbero@blabla.com
or ChikeAdamu@blabla.com.

Sent From My Blackberry – Ask
many employers, they will tell you how disappointed they were each time
they received CVs in their email that simply says “I’m interested.” or
“This is my CV.” And below it you see, ‘Sent from my blackberry’. Common
grow up! This is very disrespectful. It also shows you are not matured
and very unprofessional. What does it take to say something about
yourself in the body of the mail and address your employer well?

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Telephone Contacts
– If possible, include two phone contacts in your CV just to be on the
safer side. And for the love of God, kindly unsubscribe from those
reggae, gospel, hip hop and traditional dance tones. Remember you are
not the only one applying for this job so you should do everything right
to get it.

Family As References – Some applicants are
so funny that references on their resumes share the same surnames as
theirs. You can’t expect your parents, siblings or cousins to speak ill
of you to an intending employer. Afterall, they all want you to get a

Omitting Internship Experience – We have seen fresh
graduates who deliberately leave out internship work experience on their
resumes. Keep it all there in a simple manner. Some employers do not
care about what sort of job you have done before, but your understanding
of a work environment.

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Background Checks – Before your
employer do a background check on you, it would be wise to go online,
type your name on google and see what comes out. No employer want to
associate with touty personalities. This is a good time to untag
yourself from silly pictures on facebook, delete those abusive tweets on
twitter, delete unruly comments by you on forums and watch what you
share on the social media.

Confidentiality – Employers can
trick you with their questions to say something ill about your past
employer (maybe during internship). Please be very positive about
everyone that has ever had an encounter with you. If possible tell them
“I cannot disclose so much because of the confidentiality on my past
contract letter.”

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