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“All You Ever Need to Know About Sex, Penis and the Foreskin” – Samod Biobaku


Ladies, have you ever experienced painful, dry vaginal sex? The culprit may be your circumcised sex partner.
foreskin- sometimes called the prepuce, is the fold of skin that covers
the end (glans) of the penis, and though it is severed in circumcision,
it is far from useless- especially in the bedroom.

this topic as a young grad student, I was continuously floored with the
amount of information and research we do have that is not shared openly
with the general public (or taught as a standard in medical school).
Even those who will be working in obstetrics, gynecology, or pediatrics
are rarely well versed in research of the prepuce if they have completed
their training in the United States. As part of my research, I reviewed
top used medical anatomy textbooks and found the prepuce organ to be
missing from most of them. It is also rarely examined (or present) on
cadavers practiced upon in medical schools across the nation.
It is crucial that we spread this
wealth of knowledge and not rely upon myth. Rarely is there a body organ
that comes fully formed and functioning at birth on all mammals (male
and female alike) that is not also important and useful throughout life.
Even the appendix has important functions that we were once in the dark
on. The prepuce, however, is an organ that we do know a lot about — we
just have to start talking about it!
The foreskin adds more to
the penis than just increased sexual functioning and pleasure. It keeps
your baby’s penis safe, warm, clean, and moist. In infant boys, the
foreskin is attached to the head of the penis (glans), protects it from
urine, feces, and irritation, and keeps contaminants from entering the
urinary tract. It allows the baby’s glans to complete its development
normally. The glans is meant to be an internal organ, covered and
protected from the outside world.

No attempt should be made to
retract the foreskin before the penis has fully developed. Premature
retraction causes the glans to become dry, hard, and scarred. The
foreskin protects the glans from injury simply by covering it. The first
person to retract the foreskin and expose the glans should be the child
himself, and only when the child is ready to do so. It is best that
parents avoid concerning themselves with this natural process. All by
themselves, little boys will make the discovery that their foreskin can
be retracted.

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The foreskin is more sensitive than the fingertips,
the glans (head) of the penis, or the lips of the mouth. It contains a
richer variety and greater concentration of specialized nerve receptors
than any other part of the body. These specialized nerve endings can
discern motion, subtle changes in temperature, and fine gradations of
texture. This function enables uncircumcised or “genitally intact” males
to experience a superior dimension of sexual pleasure, compared to
males who were circumcised. Intact males can be more tender, gentle,
relaxed, and loving during sex because the slightest and subtlest
gesture or motion evokes deeply satisfying sensations.
males have to work harder just to feel sensations because erotically
sensitive areas of the penis have been removed. The circumcised penis
must thrust more vigorously with a much longer stroke in order to reach
orgasm through stimulating the less sensitive penile shaft. This is an
unhealthy situation for both the male and his partner. Intact men are
less likely to engage in the not-so-pleasant (or so I’ve heard)
“jackhammer” style of sex.
Just like the eyelid, the foreskin
protects and preserves the sensitivity of the glans by maintaining
optimal levels of moisture, warmth, pH balance, and cleanliness.
Ironically, the prevailing myth about foreskins is that they’re nasty.
The glans itself contains no sebaceous glands and relies on the foreskin
for production and distribution of sebum to maintain proper epithelial
lubrication. Lubrication is naturally secreted by Cowper’s glands in the
urethra. This clear fluid begins to flow out of the meatus as the male
becomes sexually aroused.
During intercourse, this natural
lubricant assists the male in inserting the penis in to the vagina. The
skin of the intact penis slides up and down the shaft, stimulating the
glans and the nerves of the inner and outer foreskin. The fluid is
sheltered under the foreskin of the erect penis and keeps the penis well
lubricated, preventing the vagina from drying out.
In the
circumcised penis, the Cowper’s gland fluid quickly evaporates. When the
circumcised male inserts his dry penis into the vagina, it soon uses up
all the female’s natural lubricants, causing friction and pain for both
partners. This can lead to small tears and painful bleeding in the
organs of both partners. It comes as no surprise that in the United
States today, where a large majority of sexually active adult males have
been circumcised, painful vaginal dryness is the biggest complaint
women have about sex. This is also the reason that there is such a large
industry in the United States that manufactures artificial sexual
lubricants. I doubt there has been a study to determine the longer-term
effects of using these chemicals on such delicate organs.
intact males are free of the need for lubricants of any kind either for
manual stimulation of the penis, or for vaginal intercourse.
circumcised males must also resort to using these artificially
factory-made lubricants to masturbate. Other circumcised males achieve
an orgasm by friction of their hand over their externalized glans. They
have been deprived of the gliding movement of the foreskin to stimulate
themselves naturally. Many women say it’s easier to masturbate their
uncircumcised partner due to foreskin sliding back and forth without
restriction. The penis is a different organ without a foreskin, and a
sexual function is altered when the foreskin has been amputated.  The
foreskin really isn’t so icky once you ascertain its benefits.
over 2 billion sexually active males worldwide still have their
foreskins due to the fact that outside of the United States,
uncircumcised is the norm. Less than 10% of males are circumcised in
France, Germany, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern
Ireland), Japan, Italy, China, and Brazil, and those countries also have
lower rates of HIV/AIDS infection than the United States.  The sad
truth is that throughout most of the 20th century, the American medical
community has focused on finding reasons to remove the foreskin of
newborn males.

Culled from Samod Biobaku
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