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Hit & Run: Terry G Explains His Own Side of the Story

A coin, it is said, has two sides to its value. When the news first broke two days ago that the Akpako master, Terry G, was involved in a hit and run, I had my reservation. However, when the tale was even confirmed by policemen handling the case. They further alleged that the star immediately travelled out to avoid facing trial.
Meanwhile, the ginger swagger crooner denied the allegation via his facebook account.
to him:
“I was at club Royale with friends having fun. When it was
time for me to leave, I was escorted by two bouncers of the club to my
car. Yes, some guys tried to mob me while I was leaving which is normal. I got
into my car peacefully and drove out after couple of snaps with my fans. I never received any call from the police inviting me for a hit
and run case and I have no reason to run be it Godly or notorious.
“I am a
known face so what sense does it make hitting someone and running. I might
act crazy but not heartless, only for me to read this stories on blog
sites. I have been in the country facing my job… freedom of
information is not freedom of misinformation..I did not hit anyone and I
am not and was not wanted by Nigeria Police.
 So where the hell does that story emanated from or is somebody trying to frame up the star? Only time will tell though…

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