Home news “Why Women Develop Fibroid” – Veteran Oncologist

“Why Women Develop Fibroid” – Veteran Oncologist

fibroid… fibroid everywhere!! Questions have been repeatedly asked
about the possible cause of cancer. In this  chat with an expert, CityPulse Nigeria brings you the answer.

Consultant Radiotherapist and Oncologist of the National Hospital,
Abuja, Dr Abdurasaq Oyesegun, has explained the uterus was designed to carry baby, saying that “when such did
not happened, the muscles in the uterus will then increase to the point
that it will become fibroid”..

According to him, fibroid which is a non-cancerous growth in the womb could sometimes
cause heavy periods, abdominal swelling and urinary problems.

“The uterus is designed to carry baby and when the uterus cannot carry
babies, then, the growth increases and the muscles kept on increasing.
There is an increase in the incident of fibroids among women these days
because women now get married late, and the only way to prevent it is
for women to marry early.”

He said although it was possible for young women to develop fibroid, it was not very common.

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also said cases of fibroid among child bearing women was rare, adding ”
the general rule is that it is common in women who are in their 30s”.

doctor advised that women with fibroid condition should patronised
qualified gynaecologists, adding most deaths arising from fibroid
operations were due to the activities of unqualified personnel.

reports also showed that uterine fibroids were actually assigned one of
three names (intramural, subserosal and submucosal), based on where
they were located in the uterine area.

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