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Why graveyards are called a place of treasures – Pastor Ogunorunyinka

Fiery preacher and general overseer of the Promised Land Ministries, Pastor Seyi Ogunorunyinka yesterday explained the reason burial grounds are referred to as a place of treasures.
While giving a sermon on ‘Rebellion to God’ last Sunday, the trendy man of God emphasised that the grave remains the richest place on earth because it holds within its grasps, treasures that were never realised, unwrapped or utilised.

“The Graveyard is a place that is full of man’s potential that remained un-fulfilled. Some many wasted brains, lofty plans and ideas all buried up.”

Ogunorunyinka traced the origin of such wastage to rebellion to God’s Word.
“Today, it is not uncommon to see people rebelled not only against God, but also to constituted authorities in the country, superiors at work and even in Church against Men of God,” he said..
***Hmmn… Quite thought-provoking! I think I like the part where graveyard being a place of treasures…lol***
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