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Zaaki Azzay’s marriage crashes, wife alleges battery as reason


Torch carrying Zaaki Azzay’s eight-year-old marriage to Hadiza
Azzay has ended some months ago on a sour note. The matrimony that produces three children has now turned to a police case over who have of their offsprings.

According to 29-year-old Hadiza, she packed out of her husband’s house on
April 17th after being badly battered the day before by Zaaki. She was
able to leave with two of her children, but the third one, her eldest
child, is still living at home.

She claimed the funky mallam had been battering her for years, sometimes he would beat
her so much that she would faint, but her family kept telling her to go back
to him for the sake of their children. She said she left him twice last
year but returned to him after much pressure from family and friends.
But when the battery continued, she made up her mind to end her marriage
for good because she didn’t want to be another dead wife.

Hadiza was a full time housewife, so since leaving her husband she has been under
the care of an NGO that takes care of battered women. They’ve given her
and her children shelter and are taking up her case.

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She will issue an official press statement telling her side of the story
in the coming days…right now she’s dealing with the police who
arrested her for allegedly ‘kidnapping’ her own children. She says Zaaki
has been using the police to harass her.

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